May the Fourth Be with You on Star Wars Day

I love seeing all the Star Wars related things being posted for May the 4th! Every year the Star Wars Day celebration gets a little bigger.

Check out the official Star Wars Day page on for tips on parties, food, costumes and events:

We are preparing by turning an old linen baby blankie into a Jedi-esque tunic. Technically I’m aiming for a little Anakin outfit. I plan on posting a tutorial when I’m done. It may not be anywhere near screen accurate, but close enough to get the point across. As far as cosplay for mom, I’ll probably be in a Star Wars T-shirt and maybe some Leia buns.

We will be heading to the Jacksonville Zoo for their May the 4th be with Zoo celebration! I’d love to hear what others are doing to celebrate. Please share your events!

And May the 4th be with you!

Han and Chewy at San Diego Comic Con

Han and Chewy (Sean and Candy Keane) at San Diego Comic Con

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