One rough week

*This needs an intro of sad violin music as I proceed to whine a little about my week:

Last week was not all rainbows and sunshine. It was pretty damn rough. On Sunday I was convinced my uterus was falling out. Or some other really important part. I spent Monday being poked and prodded by the doc. On Tuesday a very close friend tried to commit suicide and nearly succeeded. On Wednesday my mom collapsed and went to the ER. On Thursday I learned she needed heart surgery right away. Then on Friday we loaded 2 dogs and a toddler into the car for the six hour ride to mom’s house.

Today is Sunday and things are looking better. My uterus is actually still in place. What has scared me was actually scar tissue from a delivery tear that had gotten irritated and made itself a little more obvious than usual. In fact, the doc complimented me on my strong vag muscles and told me to keep up with the Kegels. I guess all that squeezing really paid off.

My friend is getting the help she badly needs and won’t be released anytime soon. I’m still sad about what happened but hoping she gets better. Things won’t be the same but obviously things needed to change.

My mom got an angioplasty and didn’t need a stent. She is feeling better but also needs back surgery so I’ll be making another trip home for that. One thing at a time. It made her day for us all to be there for her.

The trip wasn’t all that bad and I was pretty impressed with Keelan on the way there. On the way home there were a few extreme screeching tantrum moments, but after the week I’d had I was like, eh…that’s all you’ve got?

It’s good to be home and I’m looking forward to a better week. Here’s to hoping Monday brings good things!



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