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Potty Training in Progress

When I look at the those potty training books that promise Potty Training in 3 Days, or read articles with similar hard core “get it done in a few days” methods, they always make me think of that part in the movie Trainspotting where the main guy decides to get clean.

“Stage one, preparation: For this you will need one room which you will not leave. Soothing music… Ice cream, vanilla, one large tub of… One bucket for urine, one for feces… One television and one bottle of Valium…”

Seriously, most of them start out with the info that you will not be leaving the house or doing anything but living life around the toilet for the next few days.

Yesterday I tried the “no pants” potty training method. So I spent yesterday cleaning pee off the floor. We also had a moment where we just stared at each other with me going “Poop. Poop? Are you going to poop? Come on just poop. Put it in the hole. I’ll give you a whole handful of M&Ms if you just poop.” He farted, laughed, and asked for more M&Ms.

So that’s where we are at on this magical journey. I’m not ready to go hardcore and shack up with just me, the kid and the potty just yet. But I can see how that might become appealing at some point.

So how did you get through potty training? Or how’s it going? Got any good horror stories? All tips, tricks and personal anecdotes that make me feel better about cleaning up pee are welcome πŸ™‚

potty training

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  1. So with my first, I waited until he basically said, Hey Mom, let’s get out of these diapers. He was a shade over 3 years old and it was SO. FREAKING. EASY. We had “tried” a couple times before and he just didn’t want to. So it was accident central. But once he was ready it was easy peasy.

    Now, knowing that, I should be waiting forever to train my 2yo as well, but I’m “trying” with her right now. Like yesterday I had that exact, “Are you pooping? You’re going to poop aren’t you?” conversation. So I have either (a) not learned from the error of my ways or (b) just REALLY want one less butt in diapers around here.

    Probably a combo. Sorry for the world’s longest comment, but I have been there and am back for round two so I FEEL you!!!

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  2. My daughter (2yo) is potty training right now too. I tried to push it for a while and ended up cleaning pee off the floor too. She always seems to need to go while I was nursing her brother (5 months). I downloaded a few potty training apps for her to play while she sat on the potty and tried. She seemed to like them and it solidified the concept. Yesterday I just didn’t put a diaper on her and she started using the potty. Fingers crossed it continues! I will be at a loss if she starts going in the floor again. Good luck!!

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  3. Good luck! Our son didn’t get the hang of it until he turned 3 and our daughter just turned 3 and is catching on. (Three seems to be the magic number for us.) It sounds gross, but we put her potty in the living room near her play area so that it’ll be on her mind and more easily accessible. I think that has helped.

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  4. Lol!! I love it! Try being 53 and single with a 2 and a half year old, a 13 year old and a dog, too. My 25 year old is smarter than me– after 4 years of college (UPenn and we live in Mississippi) she moved to New York. LOL
    I love these stories— my advice— PATIENCE, PATIENCE and more PATIENCE!!!

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  5. I read a ton of articles and different methods and none of them really jived with me until I came across the book, “Oh Crap, Potty Training” the author is really spunky and her method makes sense to me. I went full steam ahead with my girl twin a few weeks ago and she’s been a rockstar, but the first few days were absolutely exhausting. +1 to putting the potty everywhere for immediate use, for the first full week I dragged it from room to room and outside with us to set her up for success. Now it’s in the bathroom where it belongs and she can generally hold it until she makes it there. Poop took a few extra days for her to connect the dots though. She’ll be 25 months next week. As for her twin brother, PTing is nowhere in sight. Hasn’t exhibited any readiness signs and even though he’s totally interested in HER training, has no interest for himself. So I’m holding off until it seems like he’ll be a more willing participant. Good luck in your endeavors! It’ll be worth it in the end, it’s just the doing that’s not so fun.

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  6. My advice is wait until the kiddo initiates it. So much easier. Also, I would skip the pull ups. They’re expensive and still feel like diapers to the kiddo. Just diaper standing up after they use the potty of you don’t want to do underwear. πŸ˜€


    • I was wondering what the appeal of pull-ups wear since they did seem just like less convenient diapers… A poop in a pull-up really sucks! I am letting him take the lead on this with some suggestions thrown in here and there.

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