The Library Makes Me Happy

Am I the only one who gets really excited when they walk in the library? Like seriously, I think I get a little tingly. There’s just SO MANY BOOKS! Books about everything I could ever want to read about! And they’re all FREE! It just makes me immediately happy.

read all the books

When I was little, I used to love to spend the entire day at the library. I’d actually pack a lunch so I didn’t have to leave. (I know, nerd much?) I’d leave with 30-40 books at a time. My mom would sometimes quiz me to make sure I was actually reading them. I guess she didn’t want to lug around the giant paper bag of books if I wasn’t really using them.

There’s something mysterious and exciting about the library to me. One of my favorite After-School Specials was about a kid who got locked in a spooky library overnight. And then there’s the magical aspect.  The Neverending Story really helped solidify the possibility there’s an adventure waiting if you find just the right book.

Unfortunately I have badly neglected the library in my adult years, but am happy to say I’ve been rediscovering it with my son. I’ve found most libraries have story time and some even have arts and crafts for the kids. I’m hoping he will grow to love the library as much as I do. I think it will be harder since his generation is so tech based. But there’s something magical about books you just can’t get from a computer screen.

books in the library

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13 thoughts on “The Library Makes Me Happy

  1. Discovering other mamas who are passionate about raising readers makes me the most happy. My sentiments about libraries and story time corners for the little ones resonate with yours. M so glad to come across you.

  2. Both the Salty Mamas LOVE the library!! When our kids were smaller we took them ALL. THE. TIME. Jaymi is still brave enough to go, but after Izzie was born, Christine abandoned all hope that she’d ever see the inside of one again 🙁 But 3/5 of the Salties will be in at least some sort of school this fall, so maybe it’s time for a comeback!!!

  3. There’s nothing like the ambiance of a library, and the smell of the books. Nothing beats a paper read! Great post!

  4. I so agree!!! I’m now borrowing books again from my library now that I’m going there with my young girls. And bonus: it saves money, too – although I still buy new books as well.
    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m enjoying yours!

  5. The only thing that smells better than a baby’s head or cash is a room full of books.

    My kids love the library, which makes me ridiculously happy.

  6. Ooh Libraries!!! Love them! I am trying to instill the same love and thrill in the little one and happy to report it’s working! Yahoo!
    Absolutely love this post!

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