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The Unfollowers

I recently tried a marketing lesson thing that was supposed to unlock some sort of magical secret to using Twitter effectively and growing your audience. The main lesson I got out of it:

1) Follow a bunch of people

2) Unfollow them if they don’t follow you back

3) Repeat

It got more detailed than that of course, and there were some good tips for someone just starting out on targeting your market. But this seemed to be the core curriculum, and I just don’t agree with the method. It just seems a little silly, childish even. “I’ll follow you only if you follow me back!”

I follow people because I’m interested in their stuff. I’m not going to stop following someone unless they just post irrelevant content I’m not interested in. Likewise I’m not going to follow someone just because they followed me.

Will this method gain you lots of followers really fast? Yes, probably. Will these people necessarily care what you are writing? Probably not. Pretty sure the German DJ and air conditioner place that followed me yesterday aren’t interested in my potty training stories. But they are interested in my follow back.


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  1. I completely agree with this, though I’ll add a caveat: if someone follows me, and I like their stuff so follow them back only for them to turn around and unfollow me, it annoys me. It’s like they just followed me to get me to follow back and as soon as they had that follow, they dropped me from their feed.

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      • I’m trying to figure that out as well. So they got someone to follow them … so why be a meanie pants and unfollow that person? Can’t Twitter have software that tracks that sort of behavior and blocks you from Twitter for a few months?? I can dream…

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    • I was wondering about that. Is there a way to even see if someone is actually following you on Instagram? Like on Twitter it’s obvious but I don’t see the same thing on IG. Also I have not looked it up and am being lazy by just posting my question lol.


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