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I have been signing up for blog sites as I find them. Trying out Bloglovin, which requires you to do a random post with the html code in the top. I thought it would be weird to just have that post floating there with no explanation (like, why can’t I stick it in a side widget or something?) so I decided to turn it into and actual post.

I would love to hear what sites fellow bloggers are a part of and what is working or not working for you.

I’m currently waiting to hear back from Top Mommy Blogs. Anyone recall how long it took to get a response?

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2 thoughts on “Follow Me on Bloglovin

  1. I remember signing up for top mommy blogs, Bloglovin and several others but eventually I became less active and everything sort of lapsed 😔 I personally think that link-ups and the like are better at building community and meeting new like-minded bloggers 😊

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