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Things that sounded like a good idea after wine

A funny thing happens after a couple glasses of wine. While I normally try to maintain a “can-do attitude,” my can-do becomes multiplied into “I’m an expert” proportions. Combining that with checking e-mail or cruising Facebook and it sometimes results in things I may questions the next day.

Like the time I got myself a promotions job that included driving a cargo van. I didn’t even know what exactly a cargo van was, but I figured it’s a vehicle, I can drive it. In case you haven’t tried to drive one, cargo vans are quite large and have no back windows so you need to use the mirrors a lot and they are hard as hell to drive through the crazy streets of downtown San Francisco, which is where I lived that the time. And then there was the time I was like, “sure, I speak Spanish,” and found myself working for Bacardi in Cancun for two months. Luckily, it was spring break and I think everyone was too drunk to notice my limited vocabulary.

My latest wine enhanced sentiment is that my kid and I are yoga buddies. I saw a post from about collaborating with bloggers and I immediately was like, oh we are so perfect for this! I must have blocked out the last time my son went to yoga on the beach with me and pretty much just covered me in the sand the whole time.

img_5148In my mind, I’m picturing him in the adorable Yoga Baby clothes, doing a sun salutation alongside me while someone snaps amazing pics for my Instagram.

But here’s the real truth:

Me: You want to do yoga with mommy?

K: Yogurt?

Me: No, YOGA. (does some demonstration) Stretching!

K: Yogurt? Yogurt!

Me: Yooooooooooooga (again with demo)

K: Yogurt! Yogurt! Yogurt!

Me: *sigh* (spends next 20 minutes feeding him yogurt)

So we are still working on this yoga thing. And I’m sure I’ll continue to blow my abilities out of proportion now and then. I will say that I did learn to drive that van pretty well and my Spanish can get me by in a pinch, so sometimes it is good to put yourself out on a limb. But I’ll have to hold off on baby yoga clothes until my baby agrees to participate for more than 10 seconds. But if you happen to have a tiny yoga lover, Yoga Baby did share this handy promo code: freeshipping (it’s self explanatory). So if your child is more cooperative than mine, maybe you can do beautifully outfitted yoga things together and I can admire your Instagram pics instead.


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