I Dig Baby Talk

img_6066My toddler has a pretty big vocabulary. He has a name for everything, and often I think his names are way better. I know you’re supposed to teach them the right words and correct them, but sometimes their words are just more fun!

My son calls motorcycles “mogatoos.” So everytime I see one I want to shout “Mogatoo!” It’s more fun to say, so I find it hard to correct him. But I don’t want him to show up the first day of kindergarten and tell everyone he wants to ride a mogatoo. That’s probably a parenting fail.

Strawberries are straw babies. He also likes blue babies and cran babies.

His sippy cup is a Z cup.
See? More fun.

I will do my job and eventually correct him. But I think I’ll keep mogatoo for a little while longer. 😁

So, what unique words has your toddler come up with?

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20 thoughts on “I Dig Baby Talk

  1. My 2 year daughter called a hospital a hopsadoodle for a while and despite my career as an SLP I couldn’t bring myself to correct her! Huge difference between funny words that they come out with and talking to them using baby talk 24/7. The other day she discovered wagon wheel pasta and now calls them dragons, short for dragon wheels 😜😂. When asked what she wanted to eat “some dragons and sprinkley cheese on top, please”

  2. Scarlett calls her sippy cup ‘ping’ because it has a straw that is flexible and ‘pings’ back toward you if you push it. We also call the pacifier/dummy a ‘plug’, so at night she will ask for plug instead of paci or dummy 😂

  3. A isn’t talking enough yet but I can’t wait for this! When I was a nanny, my little one said bam bans for bandaids, snooze cookies for Stew’s cookies and he called his brother guy guy (his name is Justin). I was so sad when he out grew it. They do eventually without you usually having to actually correct them.

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