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And now I know why they do that…

If you like to skip to the end for the answers, it’s because they’re kids. And no matter what my mother says, they are all little monsters at times. It’s possible my mom got off easy and I was actually the quiet little well-behaved angel she describes. But she set the bar pretty high with the way I judged children. And of course now every one of those judgements is flying back in my face as complete crap while I watch my son run from room to room squealing and whacking things with a stick.


That time our friends came to visit and their two sons managed to disable our TV remote, break a wine glass and grab our toothbrushes of the counter? I get it.

That kid I saw dragged off the playground today screaming at the top of his lungs? Been there.

Also that time I just couldn’t understand why our 4 year old cousin grabbed a hurling stick and just started bashing it on the ground until it busted? Well I have seen that reenacted right here at home.

So all these “awful” things that had me horrified about these unmanageable crazy children…well now I realize they were just being children. And every time I realize that, I feel a little sheepish for my previously uninformed judgements. I don’t even question the crazy anymore. I understand now it’s just some childhood instinct that kicks in and they act insane. I also understand that it is just going to keep happening no matter how “good” anyone’s parenting skills might be.

Because they’re kids. And That’s why they do that.

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  1. My grandmother, who is 87 years old, helped raise me and my sister. She told me then and I tell my kids now that “Society expects children to behave like adults. To be seen and not heard. To listen and not argue. Well I say, (and I quote) TO HELL WITH SOCIETY! Be a kid for as long as you can because being an adult sucks!”

    She was the wisest woman I ever met. Her wisdom stands with me in how I raise my daughters. I wish that dementia and Alzheimer’s didn’t take her from us mentally.

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  2. I love this post! My mom always describes my sister and me as angels too and it leaves me wondering why my toddler has so many tantrums. I’ve also come to the conclusion that it’s just normal toddler behaviour and that my mom may have blocked out the tantrums lol 😂

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