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The Overzealous Sales Friend

fb-sellingI decided to update my original post, because a few interesting things happened since I wrote this. Instead of backing off, sales moms seemed to take this as a challenge! Like, “That person didn’t sell it right, no you really need this, here try mine.”

My original post follows, along with updates:

If all you do is post about your home business, I’ve probably already stopped following you. If you are a well-rounded status poster that sneaks it in there when relevant, then you and I can still be friends. (This is still true)

Jamberry wonder woman nail wraps

My fancy Jamberry Wonder Woman nail wraps

So unless I am actually interested in said business, right now I do not need any leggings, fitness shakes, essential oils, purses, sports drinks, cookware or expensive skincare. Nor am I interested in joining your team and spending all my time bugging my friends to buy my stuff. (OK, so I have to confess, I got sucked into Jamberry nail wraps. I even agreed to do a Facebook party. So I did actually bug all my friends to come to my “party” all so I could get some free Jamberry stuff. Will I do it again? No. I didn’t enjoy being a pushy salesperson. And of course I was invited to join the team. I cannot imagine doing that over and over. It’s just not my thing.)

Yes I understand plenty of you enjoy it and make good money doing it. I’m glad you guys have a passion for what you do. It’s just lately it seems like every time I meet a new mom, she wants to sell me something. I’m happy to hear your sales pitch once, get it out of the way, then let’s just be friends. (This seems about half and half. I have met some new moms who are cool about their sales jobs, but some are just overly wrapped up in it)

If you guys threw more parties and plowed me with alcohol, I’d be more into it. I did go to one R&F get-together because I was promised mimosas and I’d get to wash my face. (my needs are simple) My face felt great, but not “sign up for the monthly delivery program and spend just under $200,” great. I’d need WAY more mimosas to agree to that. (The only party I’ve been invited to so far was my own, and it was on Facebook. BTW, that is NOT what I meant by Party)

lipsense flygirl red

My new favorite LipSense in Fly Girl

To be honest, I really would like to try that LipSense stuff, but one girl I know selling it sent me a sample of a bland color and no gloss so I didn’t get how I was supposed to test it out if I couldn’t even follow the directions she sent with it that expressly said to use it only with their special gloss. All it did was feel weird, then dry and weird. I think someone should throw a LipSense party where we all try a bright color and then eat and drink different things to test out the staying power. That’s the sort of thing I’d be into. (A funny thing happened after posting this – a LipSense rep read it and contacted me. I was impressed by her ballsy approach and blatant disregard for my rant about leaving me alone and actually agreed to sample it again. Guess what? I loved it. I bought 3 tubes and later went back for more. I even briefly contemplated being a rep but decided not to add anything else to my very full plate.)

So this concludes my random rant about everyone pushing their agenda. You guys keep on pushing! Just, you know, not at me, lol. (As a side note, I actually admire those who can do the pushy sales thing. It’s not me. I’m more like, you want to buy this? Cool. You don’t? Cool. I’m much better at reviewing and presenting info. I’m more of a passive sales person.)

**P.S. – Just to be clear, I’m Not a rep, this post was not sponsored by anyone and the links go directly to the product website.



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  1. Okay, first of all, I’d LOVE to attend that LipSense party! Because if I’m going to do more than chapstick, I want it to be FUN! haha!

    And I am always so paranoid that I’m gonna bug people that I think 80% of my “hustle” is “But seriously, don’t buy it if you don’t NEED it, I really don’t care, I mean I think you’ll love it, but no worries.” Because I totally know what you mean 🙂

    – ChristineSaltyMama

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    • I like your approach, lol. Some ladies just try to cram it down your throat how awesome it is. Hooray for enthusiasm, but…you know…I just wanted to go to the park geez. haha


  2. Lol. It seems to be going around. I feel like EVERYONE is selling something at the moment. I got an invitation just today to a party! And I just don’t have the money for it and I’m already happy with the products I use. I have already unfollowed one friend who was just WAYYYYY over-zealous. I feel bad to not be supportive of their businesses but I’d seriously be broke if I bought from everyone. And I have 0 desire to sell things….

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    • Same here. But don’t make the mistake of telling them you don’t have the money for it because that’s when they try and convince you to sell things too. I’m like, do you know how busy I already am? noooooo

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  3. Good Lord I sooooooo agree- all of my friends want me to join their team – I’m all ” who are we gonna sell this shit to if we are all on the same team?”
    I feel like such an ass when I make up some lame excuse about why I don’t want to join-
    Just Stop Ladies

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    • SO true! We’d all be sitting around slathered in essential oils drinking our fitness shakes and moisturizing our faces…oh wait…that doesn’t sound so bad after all…LOL But yeah, the worst is the Facebook “parties” because when you say you can’t make the time their like, oh well it will be up afterwards so you can still join! Noooo…just go awayyyyyyyy….


  4. My favorite is people messaging about weight loss pills. I know I need to lose weight, but you don’t have to say anything!

    I post vinyl and jewelry items I make and feel so paranoid about it. It’s usually just a few posts here and there, but it’s awkward for me. (And even more awkward, while trying to set up a page on my blog for my shop tonight, I accidentally sent out a full post. Sigh.)

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    • lol! That sounds like something I would do. I actually want to set up a page on my blog with the stuff I sell (yes I am guilty too!) but ended up with just a post and a link to my Etsy so far. But I hate pushing for sales. I’m more of a…here is the stuff….you wanna buy it? No, ok that’s cool….nevermind…

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  5. I totally agree! I understand as moms we are all trying to make our way but the constant party invites and fb marketing is starting to kill me. Thank God for that unfollow posts like this button!!

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  6. The worst is when someone sends you a message out of the blue and starts catching up and you think, aw, this is so nice! Then once you’re knee deep in conversation, they try to recruit you. I’d prefer they just start out with what their pitch is! Let me say no with dignity!

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  7. LOL!!! I have had my fair share of being a salesperson and I .HATED. IT!!! It’s just not for me at all. I used to be a coach, sell cable products, I’m just not cut out to sale anything. Now I will be more than happy to assist and service anyone gladly. But I am not push selling stuff by being a part of a MLM or anything similar to it anymore.

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