Side Hustle Saturday Feature: Easy Money From Ebates

I’ve always been a big fan of the side hustle. I’m a points collecting, coupon clipping, app downloading, hustlin mama.

My friends over at The Salty Mamas have a great micro hustle Monday feature I really enjoy so I wanted to start my own weekly feature and share my favorite ways to make a few extra bucks.

So let’s kick things off with one of my favorites – Ebates!

ebatesIf you’re shopping online and not using Ebates yet, stop reading this and just go sign up now. Seriously, you need this in your life. Every couple months I get a check anywhere from $20-$50. It’s always a nice surprise to get a check in the mail instead of bills!

All you have to do is click your store of choice on their site first, and then you get a percentage back on whatever you buy. And it works with Amazon too, so if you are a Prime junkie like me, it really adds up. Plus you automatically get $10 back after your first purchase, so that’s a pretty good return on a small investment of your time

And of course you get credit for friends that sign up so if you want to do something nice today, please show some love and use my referral link 😁

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