My Top Five Wigs Styles for Cosplay

As a cosplayer, I’ve tried many different wig styles over the years. Some attach as easily as just clipping it in, and others involve glue, braids, bun anchors and more. I love how wigs can really change your look. I even have wigs that look like my regular hair, on a good day, because it will stand up to the Florida heat and still look good hours later. My real hair usually just falls flat as soon as I step out the door.

Let’s start with normal looking me with my real hair, after fixing it to look nice:

Candy Keane

Now let’s have some fun and show how different wigs can really change your look!

My Top 5 Favorite Wig Styles for Cosplay

Full Wigs with combs – These cover your entire head and have little combs around the hairline to help them stay secure. The nicer ones have elastic at the bottom, with little hooks so you can make the cap smaller or larger. The wig shown here is the Tina 950 by New Look Wigs.

Mario Brothers princess peach

Princess Peach

Half Wig – I often use a full wig like this as well, but this hair piece can be anything from a full cap to a little circle of hair. It goes half-way back on your head, so your real hair shows in front. It makes it look like you suddenly have tons of hair and is very realistic looking!

The best way to secure these in is to make a small braid across the top of your head, similar to the cornrow style you use to attached crochet twists. But instead if crocheting or sewing in the hair, you use the braid as an anchor for the small combs. If you can’t do a braid, you can also spray it with a little hairspray and backcomb to give the combs something to hold onto. If your wig doesn’t have little combs you can sew those in just under the edge of the wig. You can also use a million bobby pins. I often use a combo of both!

Candy Keane Maleficent


Clip-on Ponytail – The easiest of all! You can attach these to any hair length as long as you can make a little ponytail or bun for it to attach to and you just clamp it right into your hair. Here’s a link to the one I’m wearing here: Claw Clip Ponytail Extension

Candy Keane General Antiope cosplay

General Antiope

Dread Falls – I love the look of these and have them in several different colors. Most of mine were custom made by Queen Goths Coiffs. These are attached to two little buns on the top of your head. Usually a headband or goggles covers where it is anchored on your head, so it looks like a smooth transition.

Steampunk Time Bandit

Steampunk Time Bandit

Lace Front Wig – one of my new favorite wig styles is a lace front. It comes with a fine lace or mesh attached to the front. You trim that short, then use a special wig glue to glue it to the skin close to your hairline. These give the most realistic look because it creates a new hairline. They also stay attached really well and are really comfortable because you don’t have any pins poking you or a tight ponytail. The style I’m wearing here is the Riglamour Wavy Short Blond Wig

platinum lace front wig

Preparing for a pin-up event

I have drawers of wigs in all different colors and styles. If you take good care of them they can last years and still look good. And they aren’t just for costumes! But they certainly make any look a little more dressed up.

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