How to Trade In Your Used Items for Amazon Gift Cards

I recently learned about the Amazon Trade-in Program where you can send your used items in to Amazon in exchange for Amazon gift cards. It’s really easy!

earn money amazon trade in program

After clicking through to Amazon, you just search for the items you want to trade in, which can be books, phones, e-readers, games and game consoles, and even Bluetooth speakers.

You will see the price they offer and then you can add it to your cart. I checked out several things and their prices are pretty good! And so much easier and faster than listing things on eBay. You have to answer a few questions about your item and then you get to choose the option to have it returned to you for free or accept a lower offer if they get it and it doesn’t fit the criteria for the quoted price.

Once all agreed and accepted, you print a shipping label and send it for free! Then you will get an Amazon gift card deposited in your account once the items have been received and inspected.

Clear out old junk, get money, easy peasy!

* Article contains Amazon affiliate links *


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