Amazon and Their Genius Plot to Take Over Every Blog

Amazon_logo-9Just accept the fact that every Amazon link you see, anywhere, is connected to an affiliate account. Even that one I just put there. You click it, make any purchase, and I get a few cents. (It would actually make me SUPER happy if you did that. I could really use a few more cents.) Due to Amazon’s policies, you have to disclose you at are an affiliate any time you post something with a link.

I can’t count the number of blog posts I’ve read that begin with “I’m an Amazon associate and this post contains affiliate links blah blah blah….”

So not only is Amazon getting the sales links, but now they are getting mentioned first in tons of blog posts every single day!

They have lured thousands of bloggers to work for them on commission, creating free custom content built around the products they offer. Even I’ve sat and brainstormed ideas for posts that would lend to a lot of product recommendations so I could include affiliate links. I haven’t done much of it yet…but it’s probably coming soon. It’s just taken me a while to sit down and actually read through the program and learn the rules and how it works. (Still working on that actually)

I also have an Amazon Influencer page that I haven’t quite gotten the hang of promoting yet: Sew Geek Mama on Amazon. So far I’ve just randomly been adding things that I’ve bought and liked, or reviewed and liked.

Any suggestions, tips, comments about your own affiliate experience are welcome! Heck, include an affiliate link to something and I’ll spread the love by using your link next time I shop.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon and Their Genius Plot to Take Over Every Blog

  1. I’m still figuring it out too! Just added an affiliate link to my page too. Just like you, who doesn’t need an extra few cents? Especially when already talking about something that I was linking to anyway. Good luck to both of us in earning our pennies. 🙂

    1. Good luck! I think my biggest breakthrough came when I found out they can buy anything and not the exact item you posted. You just have to get them there 😁

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