Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a great Easter! Looks like the Easter Bunny dropped a few eggs off at our place…

This is the first year Keelan has been old enough to do an egg hunt…or so we thought. I’m impressed with how fast four-year-olds can move and decimate an egg field. Our first official egg hunt started in tears and ended with zero eggs. I didn’t even take any pictures!

We went to the big community egg hunt and it was packed with kids. We were in the four and under group, but as soon as all the kids took off running, K burst into tears and ran back toward me. Unfortunately that was the same time Sean jumped over the fence to try and help him, and inadvertently kicked him in the head. He was OK! But nobody wants to get kicked in the head when they are already crying. So there was even more crying. We were not off to a good start.

All the eggs were gone by the time he was interested at all in looking. The line to see the Easter Bunny was really long and there was no way he would wait in line, so we waved from a distance. We did score a hotdog and chips so things ended on a good note.

We decided to do a re-do on the egg hunt and hide them in the yard. I’m happy to say he found all the eggs, there were squeals of glee, and nobody at all was kicked in the head.


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