The Big Blogger Sell Out

Hello Dear Readers, the ones who enjoy my silly stories and (mis)adventures in motherhood. I’m just putting it out there that soon some of these posts may not be coming from me.

A lot of companies have been contacting me about sponsored content. The kind where they provide articles for the blog and include a few paid links. I figure it would be nice to generate a little easy income this way, but I’m just not finding it very easy to turn over my blog space to these average, unengaging articles.

And although they all claim to provide content tailored to my blog, it’s really just the usual “Mom advice” type posts you see everywhere, with nary a mention of a super hero or poop anywhere. It’s like they don’t even know me!

I’m trying to think of a new category I could make to include these since my Motherly Musings tab is reserved for my personal experiences. All suggestions are welcome! Something that says “generic parenting advice” without actually saying that, lol.

sell out


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