Can Simulated Diamonds Be a Girl’s Best Friend?

ring1When Modern Gents sent me some sparkly simulated diamond rings to review, I thought they would make a great substitute ring for when your fingers swell during pregnancy. Then out of curiosity, I posted a simple question on Facebook and a shitstorm of responses ensued. I asked, “How would you feel if you were proposed to with a fake diamond?”

The responses were all over the place, ranging from “It’s the sentiment behind it that counts,” to “No way, I want the real thing.” I found it interesting that a lot of people jumped to the conclusion that I meant the proposer meant to trick the proposee, which wasn’t my angle. The imaginary person with the imaginary ring may or may not have made a point to be clear about the ring’s source before, during or after the proposal. I didn’t specify those parameters.

There was also a LOT of diamond bashing- mentions of them not being rare, the blood diamond business and the whole engagement ring thing behind them a scam perpetrated by the De Beers family. So diamonds are not on the top of every girl’s list when it comes to ring preference.

I think what it all boiled down to is, most people would be OK with it if the proposer was open about the stone’s true nature. Some even preferred it to not be a diamond at all, but some other stone that might have a more special meaning.

So there you go guys. You don’t have to spend a thousands of dollars to make a girl happy. You just need to be honest about what she’s getting!

This obviously isn’t a review – I actually sent the rings back because they were too big (my fault) but I wanted to post something because I was surprised at the amount of responses the post got. People had some pretty strong feelings about it!

My blog readers usually aren’t quite as passionate as Facebook posters, but I’ll pose the same question here – How would you feel if you were proposed to with a fake diamond?

proposal with bread
I think this guy is on to something…


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