My Experience with Lash Extensions from Day One to a Month Later

I gave lash extensions a try and loved them! I have short little sparse lashes that stick out instead of curling up. Even the best plumping mascara doesn’t do much, so when I’m dressing up and want my eyes to stand out, I turn to false lashes. I’ve also tried Latisse, which worked to a degree, but never quite looked as good as the falsies. This is where lash extensions come in.

Last month I visited Wink Studio Lash and Brow Bar to try out lash extensions and see if I could get the “I woke up like this” fabulous lash experience. I let them run their course and took photos before, after and during to show how they look if you don’t go back in for a fill. I absolutely loved them and want them back now that they are totally gone!

Here’s my before and after, natural lash, no mascara:

Wow! What a difference!

The process took just over two hours, as each individual lash was applied to my lashes one by one with pointy tweezers. An upside of this was that I finally found out what to do with those tweezer samples I was sent! I didn’t even realize there was so many different types.

After a brief consultation with my eyelash artist Laura, about how I’d like them to look, I laid down on a cushy massage table and she started taping my lower lids out of the way. I found this to be a little weird and uncomfortable. Not my favorite part! I am really sensitive though, so we had to switch out the under eye gel pads for plain old surgical tape. The first attempt was making my eyes water.

After I was all prepped, she started the process of glueing each lash to my own individual lashes, including little baby lashes so every lash was pumped up. We had to stop a couple couples and let a fan blow in my eyes because they would start to water a bit. The glue did bother me a little when I was getting them applied, but not at all afterwards. And it wasn’t stinging or hurting me, just making my eyes water.

It took just over two hours from start to finish, including my fan breaks. The results were amazing! I felt like I suddenly had make-up on, or at least a good Snapchat filter. The lashes looked natural, but like if you were “gifted with amazing lashes” natural. I didn’t need even mascara or even eye liner. If you do choose to wear make-up with your lash extensions, you’ll want to choose oil-free products and remove with an oil-free cleanser. I even looked into gentle eye products like organic eyeshadows, which are free of harsh chemicals and lessen then chance for irritation.

At first they require constant brushing and grooming to keep them looking just right. I actually carried around a little spoolie brush in my purse at all times because sometimes they looked sort of “tangled.”

I took very good care of them and treated them gently so they still looked pretty good at three weeks:

After three weeks they started falling out a couple at a time, several times a day.

This is at four weeks and two days, no mascara, no makeup and they still look better than my normal lashes with mascara. I’d also been swimming in the pool all week.

At 5 weeks 2 days, with mascara , things are looking a little spikey and weird without makeup now. My natural lashes are so sparse than even the few fake ones still hanging on make a difference! I am missing my pretty lush lashes though. They really made my morning routine so easy.

About a week after this pic they were all gone, back to the “before” photo. So I’m really excited that I get to get my lashes back this Tuesday! There’s a new lash place opening October 18th in Jax Beach called The Lash Lounge and they are doing my lashes as part of their training to prepare for the big opening day. I get to be a lash model. Or lash guinea pig. But lash model sounds better, lol!

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  1. I really liked having lash extensions it’s cut down my 1 hour morning makeup routine. Thanks for sharing your experiences


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