New Blog, New Opportunities: The Momtastic Mommy Blog

I had big plans when I started I was going to involve all kinds of people and have many “geek moms” writing for the blog. And then once the blog got going, it became more of a personal outlet for my own mom story. My frustrations and triumphs. A place for me to vent, share whatever was on my mind and connect with my audience on a personal level. Somewhere along the way my “mom blog” became more of a “personal lifestyle/parenting blog” and I got incredibly picky about what I wanted to publish.

I only have so much time, and I only like to publish posts about four times a week so people don’t get tired of hearing from me, so posting space is pretty limited. I get a lot of offers from companies and people that would like to work with me, but don’t quite fit into my little geek mom niche. And I really do enjoy working with people and companies and jumping on those opportunities!

So I created a new blog called the Momtastic Mommy Blog, which will be filled with all the stuff that doesn’t quite fit on Geek Mamas, but still fits within the “mom” thing.

momtastic mommy blog

** UPDATE: As of January 2020 I will no longer be updating Momtastic and am working on moving all the posts to this blog. Two blogs was TOO many to keep up with! Momtastic will close completely this summer when my domain expires.

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