10 Reasons Why There Are So Many Mommy Bloggers

You can’t look up a recipe, craft or any kind of parenting advice without stumbling into a “Mommy Blog.” There are thousands out there and more mommy bloggers pop up every day. So why are so many moms turning to blogging?

10 reasons why there are so many mommy bloggers

1 – You are a mom who blogs

Not necessarily all moms who blog are “mommy bloggers.” I had a blog for years that focused on costumes and cosplay and my boutique. Had I continued with that, it would still be a costuming blog. But when you are a mom with a blog, you will usually get lumped into that mommy blogging category just because you are a mom.

2 – People pay attention to Mommy Bloggers

That said, the aforementioned costuming blog got about 2,000 views a month at best and I never paid attention to the stats. In comparison, this blog gets an average of 30,000. People pay attention to this mom stuff. Moms are a hot demographic. We have a lot to say and apparently, people are reading it. That’s appealing to bloggers just starting out and looking for a good niche.

mommy blogger

3 – You can blog on your phone

As a mom, you often find yourself trapped under a baby, or sitting at the playground, or waiting in the school pick-up line. It’s just you and your phone. So you can sit there playing Candy Crush, or you can be productive and type out a blog. You can type a blog one-handed while nursing a baby. You discover you can actually accomplish something while doing this mom thing. Not that doing the mom thing isn’t a big accomplishment in itself, but if you went from a full-time career to full-time momming like I did, you find yourself getting antsy and wanting to do “something.”

4 – You want to work

For me, closing my shop and becoming a SAHM was like going 100 MPH and hitting a brick wall. I was used to being consumed by work 24-7 and suddenly I was consumed with feeding and poop and just trying to keep a small human alive. It is a monumental task, but I still felt weird not doing something productive that was for myself. Creating a blog is like creating your own little space and the more effort you put in, the more you see it pay off and then suddenly you have a job again and you feel like you get a little of your independence back.

5 – The freedom to come and go

One of the most popular blog posts you will see is the one where they apologise for not blogging in a while. And yes, even I have one of those. That’s the thing about blogging – you can take it or leave it. It’s still there online for people to see even if you don’t go to work that day. And unless you are under a deadline because you accepted a sponsored post or campaign, you don’t have to worry about clocking in and posting something. Sometimes it does feel like you need to keep the momentum going and that can get stressful, but when that happens I just remind myself that it’s a blog, it will be there even if I don’t write anything for a bit. Blogging gives moms the freedom they need to take a break when they need to.

6 – Shared misery

Momming is hard! So hard and so ridiculous that sometimes I just can’t even believe what I’m going through. But you know what? Somebody else is going through it too. Blogging gives us all an outlet for the constant stream of ridiculousness that comes with parenting. Reading other people’s stories makes me feel better and less alone.

frustrated mom

7 – It helps you feel less isolated

Speaking of feeling alone, being a mom can be isolating, especially in the first year when your child can’t really do any of the fun kid stuff. If you are like me, you still showed up and tried, and then watched everyone else have fun while your kid just screamed until you gave up and left. It’s frustrating. It feels good to blog all about your frustrations and have people relate to them. There is a great community that comes with blogging, and that’s also why I always recommend people interested in blogging start out on WordPress. It’s so easy to find people and connect to them even from day one.

8 – Mommy Bloggers get free stuff

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t enjoy free stuff. I love it. I actually had to learn to start saying no because I was like, “Sure I’ll post about your super warm camping bag even though it’s a thousand degrees in Florida and we haven’t camped in 10 years.” I started getting a pile of random stuff I didn’t need. So now I only say yes to things I can actually use. But once you get into your mommy blog groove and gain an audience, free stuff will come your way. I actually didn’t even know about this because the only thing I ever got for free on my other blog was Special F/X contacts and a couple costumes. I really stumbled into this whole product reviewing thing and found out a I really enjoy it.

9 – Money, Money, Money

Yes, you can actually earn a living blogging. But, that’s also when you start dedicating a lot of time to your blog, learning the ropes a bit (like backlinks, keywords, SEO and raising your DA) and it can become stressful when real life keeps you from blog life. But that’s what also feeds mom blogs – real life. So the exact thing that may stop you from getting that blog post published is the whole reason you started blogging in the first place.

10 – It’s your life

And that leads me to the last reason – mommy bloggers don’t have to go far for inspiration or story ideas. Struggling with potty training? Blog about it. Have a kid that will only eat gummy bears? There’s a blog in that. Did you try an amazing diaper cream? Somebody wants to hear about it. Mom blogs are about our everyday life so we have a constant stream of blog inspiration. I’ve never once had to sit down and try to come up with something to blog about. In fact, I have about 97 half written blog posts that I talk-texted into my phone just waiting to be turned into actual posts. Mom blogs never run out of material.

I’m sure there are many more reasons moms start blogging. So what’s your story? How did you join the world of mommy blogs?

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  1. 6 & 7 are totally me I dont get veiws, likes, ect or push for them. But i needed a voice and when even one person is like I heard you me too, i feel saved


  2. I started as an infertility blog and now I have 2 two and under through adoption and fostering. I don’t write as much as I’d like due to being busy with them and not being able to share a ton of our story with our youngest makes it difficult sometimes.


  3. 4 and 7 been a mommy of twins for a year and a half now I’m 24 and none of my real life friends have kids. Wanted to create a plateform to connect with other mommies…


  4. Number 3 all the way for me. I’m trapped under a baby right now typing this with my non-dominant hand. I don’t dare move the one he’s sleeping on because he is finally SLEEPING after a morning of being woken up by a contractor installing a door and a working from home Dada talking too loud on the phone. Also number 7 a bit. My right arm is so itchy right now guys. 😣


    • Keep at it and you will (if you want to go that route) 🙂 The free stuff comes first. Some bloggers will tell you not to do reviews for free, but when you are just starting out you might as well get some practice in with free stuff and show you can do it before you start charging for it. There’s a lot of little stuff to learn along the way.


  5. Currently trapped under tiny human now! I started blogging as a creative outlet. As a teacher and mom too much of my day is focused on anyone but myself and it can be therapeutic at times to Just create something.


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