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Geek of the Week: Erika from Dorky Mom Doodles

I’ve been wanting to get this Geek of Week feature going for some time now, and I figure what better time than when a fellow geeky mom just released a new book? So I’m happy to introduce my first Geek of the Week, Erika Watts, blogger and author of Don’t Lick That! [A Dorky Mom’s Tales of Parenting and Other Crap]. 

dorkymomdoodle family

1) Let’s start with the basics – name, what do you do, website link, etc.

I’m Erika Watts. I’m a former teacher and am now a stay-at-home-mom and part-time writer. You can find me at my blog Dorky Mom Doodles,

2) What do you geek out on? (like what are your fandoms, etc. What makes you a geek?)

I love all things Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings! I’d say that having Lord of the Rings inspired tattoos and Wonder Woman and Lord of the Rings posters hanging up in my bedroom make me a geek. That might be cool at 15, but at 35, I’m pretty sure it lands me in the geek category.

3) Marvel or DC? and Why?

Nooooo, not this! Gah!
If I have to choose, then DC gets the nod. Barely. I have a low-key obsession with Wonder Woman and love Superman, too. I tell my husband and son that Batman is just all right to rile them up, but he’s pretty awesome. And DC has the best villains.
I do think Marvel is generally more entertaining, but I feel that DC has more substance where their top-tier characters are concerned. There is a pretty steep drop-off for DC after those top few characters, though. That’s what makes it a tough decision, since the few DC characters I like are absolutely amazeballs, but Marvel has many more interesting characters overall.

4) Star Wars or Star Trek? and Why?

Star Wars. I think Star Trek is boring as hell and want nothing to do with it. Also, Star Wars had Carrie Fisher, who was my all-time favorite celebrity.

5) Were you a geeky kid or did you come into it later in life?

I came into it later in life. I remember having Superman pajamas when I was four and was big into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but generally that stuff “wasn’t for girls,” so I didn’t get into comics and other geeky stuff until later. I was in my late teens when I stopped giving a crap about what other people thought was cool. (Of course, now, most geeky stuff is mainstream and cool!)

6) Are your kids into the geek stuff too?

Yes, yes, yes.
My kids are all about Star Wars and superheroes. Little Man regularly brags about having a nerd card. And when Baby Girl was shy of being a year old and got to pick out a toy at Walmart and was given the choice between Spider-Man and a Disney princess, she went with Spider-Man. That was a proud mom moment.

7) Are you working on anything right now you’d like to share?

I recently published my first book! It’s called Don’t Lick That! [A Dorky Mom’s Tales of Parenting and Other Crap]. You can find it as an eBook on Amazon and the paperback on Barnes and Noble. I’ve been working on promoting it, which is probably more difficult than writing the book. I’m also working on some short stories. One of my stories was recently published in an anthology by Z Publishing House, and I’d like to release a collection of my short stories sometime next year.
* On the last check, the book was no longer available

Big thank you to Erika for answering my questions!


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