Geek of the Week: Becca from When Fit Hits the Shan

I am really enjoying getting everyone’s answers to these questions! This week’s featured geek is Becca who blogs at
1) Let’s start with the basics – name, what do you do, etc.
I’m Becca Sheffield. I’m a “Professional Mom”- with a degree in Child Development, experience coaching parents and children, and of course my own family (which is my most relevant experience!). My blog shares helpful tips to moms to make life a little easier!
2) What do you geek out on?
I love Dr. Who, Legend of Zelda, Jurassic Park movies, I play D&D with my sister and friends, I love the Marvel superhero movies, etc.
3) Marvel or DC? and Why?
Marvel!! Because of Stan Lee! I love that he makes cameos in all the Marvel movies!
The Marvel characters (like Captain America) are good role models for children. They stand for honesty and protecting the weak. I hope my kids can grow up to be like that.
4) Star Wars or Star Trek? and Why?
Star Wars… Because Han Solo. *swoon*
5) Were you a geeky kid or did you come into it later in life?
I came into it later in life. My brothers first discovered the geeky life. I first noticed when they played Legend of Zelda. They invited me to play with them. I tentatively agreed, but soon I was a bigger fan than they were!
6) Are your kids into the geek stuff too?
That depends on if I win or my husband wins. We’ll see.
7) Are you working on anything right now you’d like to share?
I really want to share a safety tip with parents. I recently researched what to do if your kids get lost in public places (
I found a great tip that saved a boy who was being abducted off of a public beach. His mom was looking for the child, and helpful strangers started yelling to the crowd a specific description of the boy. They repeated the description over and over, until the entire crowd was looking for the boy. Knowing that he could not escape the beach with the child, the abductor just walked away!!
This trick saved that boy. I was so sad and scared to think that I had never heard of it. I would not have used this technique if it had been my child on the beach that day, and I would have lost her.  I want all moms to know about this to keep their kids safe!!
Thank you Becca for answering these seven geeky questions! Are you a geeky mom interested in being featured? If so, please contact me!

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