Bring in the Geek

I spent about an hour on Saturday rearranging and adding new categories. This blog is a constant, always morphing project, so each time I find a little more focus I like to rearrange and fine-tune my categories.

I was inspired Geek of the Week GeekMomLife and figured it was time to bring a little more “geek” to Geek Mamas so I added a new top-level category for all the Geek Stuff and added new spots specifically for gaming, cosplay, conventions and Star Wars. There will be more to come, like comics and movies, but I got a good start. It’s taking a while to shift all the blog posts to their new locations.

Right now the Gaming category is mostly me talking about games I used to play, but expect more game reviews soon! We got a Nintendo Switch so I’m finally up-to-date in the gaming world and can play the new games. And I added a Conventions category and plan to talk about some of my favorite cons, past, present and future.

The Giveaways has been moved under We Tried It. I also changed the “Food Stuff” label to “What’s Cookin’.”

Little stuff, little tweaks. Trying to get it all just right…

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