The Silver Solution from My Doctor Suggests

When I was first sent the request to review the silver products and supplements from My Doctor Suggests, I had no idea silver was something you might want to take internally. After reading a bit about the myriad of things it can be used for (83 ailments and counting), I got intrigued enough to give it a try. Read on to learn about my experience trying these unique products.

Update, August 2, 2022: It looks like they may be back in business! My Doctor Suggests silver supplement is now available on Amazon! Click here to check it out.

Update, May 8, 2020: I was notified today by a reporter that My Doctor Suggests, LLC has been ordered to shut down due to “fraudulently promoting and selling various silver products for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19.” The website has been shut down, so I’ve removed all the links to it in this post, but kept the post up for those interested in reading about silver products. Click here to read the Court Order to Halt Sale of Silver Product. I did this review in May 2019, so there was no mention of COVID-19 or any statements about curing coronavirus when I spoke with the company.

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Silver has been used to fight bacteria and prevent microbial infections since the Middle Ages.

They used it for water purification, wound dressings, treatment of infections, dental hygiene and more. Liquid silver is an antimicrobial solution composed of 0.001% pure metallic silver and 99.999% pure water. The new structured silver is also alkaline, while all other silver liquids are acidic. It has the remarkable ability to selectively destroy pathogenic bacteria while not causing harm to healthy probiotic bacteria. Silver destroys yeast, bacteria and viruses better than any other natural ingredient. It’s good for gut issues, acne and skin conditions, yeast, diaper rash, cold and flu…the list goes on.

To get me started on my silver journey, they sent me their starter kit which is a full sample of their product line including the Alkaline Silver Solution supplement, Extra Strength Silver Gel, Silver Infused Hand and Body Lotion, Organic Silver Soap and Natural Silver Lozenges. I was concerned at first about having a silver overload since I’d be trying so many things at once, but a quick chat with Doug Godkin, the Vice President of My Doctor Suggests, put my mind at ease when he assured me,”You can not overdose on the silver as it does not metabolize or build up in the body. There are some health applications where we recommend drinking a bottle per day.”

My-Doctor-Suggests-Silver (1)

The first thing I tried was the Silver Soap, which is certified organic and infused with silver to kill blemish-causing bacteria. Both the peppermint and lavender smell heavenly as soon as the box is opened! They lather up nice, are gentle on the skin and leave you feeling clean and fresh. I even started using the soap on my son and he loved the peppermint smell, while my favorite was the lavender.

After the shower, I gave the silver gel and lotion a try. I felt like the gel was definitely more of a treatment, as it felt a bit sticky at first but that went away when dry. The lotion was a nice thick formula that took a bit of effort to rub all the way in, but left my skin soft and moisturized. Both products are unscented and the lotion pairs well with essential oils. I took to adding a few drops of lavender oil to compliment the soap pairing.

Next up was the actual Silver Solution Supplement, which is recommended at two teaspoons twice per day. The solution tastes like slightly bitter water. It’s not overpowering or bad tasting, but it definitely has a little taste to it. I found it very easy to take and didn’t experience any of the side-effects I often get from vitamins like an upset stomach or “vitamin burps.”

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I was also sent the mouthwash, which isn’t included in the starter kit. It has a nice minty flavor and the unique quality of being safe to be swallowed or spit out. I chose to spit as it just seemed weird to swallow my mouthwash! The mouthwash supports healthy teeth and gums and contain Xylitol, which is helpful in preventing cavities.

And the last thing I tried was the Silver Lozenges Variety Pack, with cherry, apple, ginger, honey and menthol flavors. These were pretty tasty, and I’ll be saving them for my next cold or sore throat issue. (which maybe won’t happen if I keep taking the silver, right?)

I wanted to note that I was initially interested in trying out the products because I thought maybe the white spots on my skin were a condition called Tinea Versicolor, which is a fungus that causes white patches on the skin. This was totally self-diagnosed, and after a dermatologist visit, I learned that wasn’t the issue. It’s actually called Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis, which causes the skin to produce spots that look like white freckles and is intensified by sun exposure. So I had to just accept my white freckles and move on. Without a specific ailment to treat, I had a tough time evaluating the silver’s immediate effectiveness and was more looking at overall health benefits. 

So would I recommend trying silver supplements?

I’ve always been very open to alternative medicine and try to avoid being overly medicated because it always seems like there are so many bad side-effects, so I would recommend giving silver a try if it is something that intrigues you. With the silver, at least there is no worry about side-effects or overdosing. I’m going to keep up on my silver sampling experiment and keep it around for when I do need to treat an ailment.

My Doctor Suggests is currently available again and for sale on Amazon! Click here to see the listing.

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  1. Hi there!! Do you know if they are completely shut down? It’s so sad, I know Dr.Pedersen was maybe over confident but the products was great. I decided to carry it at our store in February and now I am left with bunch of products. I’ll happily to use it all for myself because I really believe in it. Although, it’s hard that I can’t reach to any of them anymore, and left without any notice or information. Please share if you have any other information. Thank you. Eri


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