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Does Anyone Really Read Long Instagram Posts?

I keep seeing these long Instagram posts that go on and on as you scroll. Does anyone really read those to the bottom? Does anyone actually type in the link if one is included? I’m just curious. Please chime in.

From my own experience on my posts, people either read just the first line and then comment or don’t even read the post at all. It’s very rare that people will answer a question I’ve put at the bottom of a post. So when I see these really long Instagram posts that would be better suited to a blog, I just wonder if they are wasting their time with all that excessive text.

And those Instagram post links that you can’t click. What’s the point? I’m doubting anybody actually types in some big ol’ long link, and if they do, they probably give up halfway through it and think “I’ll just Google this….” At least, that’s what usually happens with me. The only way to get people to use a link on Instagram is to put it in a story with a swipe-up, or change the link in your bio.

So that’s it. I’ve been doing a little more sponsored work on my SewGeekMama Instagram profile and am required to do longer posts and often put in a long link. So it got me wondering how long is too long? When do people lose interest? I feel like Instagram has always been more about the photo than the text! But these days sometimes the text doesn’t even match up with the photo and it’s just an excuse to post a cute outfit pic.

So if you actually read this all the way to the bottom, do me a favor and answer my question. Are long Instagram posts useless?




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  1. Love this post!! The long Instagram post trend is super weird but I actually sorta love it! I feel like you are actually able to be more real with your followers! I use the long captions to tell a back story of the picture.


  2. I have a mix of long and short captions. The long ones that I have success with are for my body positive and motivational posts. I use a brief summary caption for my blog posts, and I keep it short and simple if it’s family related. So, I guess it depends on what your posting. I do know some bloggers who blog completely from their Instagram, but I have no clue what they do with potential links.


    • I think it’s stretching it to say someone blogs from their instagram, but I could just be being picky. That’s like someone who has really long Facebook posts saying they have a blog. I get really annoyed with long posts on instagram because they are just hard to read! All that tiny text…I read the first paragraph and then skip to the comments lol


      • I completely understand what you saying. Every time I try to read this woman’s blog, it just directs me to her Instagram, so I’m not sure. I get what you mean though.


  3. I asked myself the same question. According to my coach yes, you need to have a mix of both. I used to feel the same way, why would anyone read them, but I’ve noticed some people do actually interact more with long posts.


  4. I don’t have instagram, but i do read long facebook posts all the time. It gives me something to do and there is usually something insightful, something to look at in a different light. Sometimes its just rambling. And that is okay too.


  5. Varies for me… depends on the topic. If someone is selling me something, I just move on. If it is only maybe 3 paragraphs MAX and its a story that goes with the photo… I might read it. I usually will not type in a link (wish instagram would change that). I would rather see an image with a small blurb and encouraging me to go to their blog. Give it a heart and head on over for the story that goes with it. Though some blogs are hard to navigate. If their latest post is not easily accessed… I won’t go to their blog anymore either. BUT that is just me 🙂 Now I guess we see if you read all the way through my long winded comment. 😉 Love your blog.


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