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The Geeky Family Gift Guide that Disappeared

I just logged on to update this post and put a few finishing touches on my Geeky Family Gift Guide, and IT’S ALL GONE. I have no idea what happened. I suspect it was because I was bouncing from one window to the next and accidentally saved an early draft version. I had tons of cool stuff lined up from the new Le Crueset Star Wars cookware to Wonder Woman coffee makers and now it is TOTALLY BLANK. And yes I’m yelling because I worked really hard on it all week and now I want to crawl under my desk and whimper.

frustrated with gift guide

I don’t have time to start again! And it wasn’t being paid to create the gift guide, so there’s no monetary incentive for me to do all that work again. However, there are a few products I was sent for free and explicitly promised I’d put them in some sort of gift guide, so I have to do SOMETHING.

I already put together a Stocking Stuffers for Kids post on Monday and it wouldn’t work to combine them. The items are too big to stuff in stockings anyway. So the only thing I can think of besides starting scratch is to share the products individually in their own posts, so they will end up getting a bonus feature story instead of listed together in another one of the million gift guides online. I take my agreements seriously, and try and keep blog clients happy!

So that’s my plan. Has this ever happened to you? Where you spend a lot of time on a post and then suddenly it’s all gone? Did you start over, or scratch the whole project?

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