Race with Ryan Game Review and Giveaway

We were provided with a free download of Race with Ryan for review and will be giving away a free copy to one lucky winner right before Christmas! The game is currently available on all platforms, and we tested out the version for PS4. It got the official thumbs-up review from my four-year-old son.


Race With Ryan is colorful cartoon kart racing game featuring Ryan, star of YouTube channel Ryan’s World. If you are a parent of a younger child, you KNOW who Ryan is. You can’t escape his toy testing antics on YouTube. My four-year-old son loves to watch Ryan play, and loves racing games, so I figured he would really enjoy playing this game.

The game is definitely aimed at younger kids and fans of Ryan’s. It’s filled with clips of Ryan and his family, along with cartoon characters and cartoon versions of Ryan in different outfits. My son was immediately drawn in with the first video clip, exclaiming, “Mommy, that’s Ryan!


He jumped right in and started playing without the tutorial and found it pretty easy to pick up. It reminds me a lot of Mario Kart. It has a similar play and feel to it. Even though Ryan pops up to offer helpful suggestions, he did have to eventually resort to the Learn to Play feature so he could get down the trickier moves. For a kid’s video game, there are actually a lot of tricks to learn.

There’s several different fun tracks to play on- treasure island, a toy store, Ryan’s playroom, an adventure land and the wild west. Each track features various obstacles like rolling boulders or runaway trains. You can select the difficulty level before you play (Easy, Medium or Hard) which helps keep the challenges at a manageable level for younger players. You can play solo, or include up to four players in a split-screen mode.

This is a great intro-racing game with enough challenges for a seasoned (but younger) racer.

Thank you to everyone who entered! Giveaway ended 12/19/19



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