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Welcome to Geek Mamas Magazine

The website is in the middle of a makeover and I decided to jump the gun a bit on implementing the new template. I was trying to get all the posts set in their new categories, but I did the math and 600+ posts at my current pace would take just over two months. I can’t wait that long! So there will be some oddness and missing pieces while trying to navigate the menu until I get everything situated.

2/20/21 Update: Website makeover is mostly complete!

Wait, Isn’t this a Mom Blog?

Technically, yes, since I am a mom that blogs. And there will still be all the old categories available under the “Mom Blog” header. That’s where I’ll be putting all that wonderful “mom life” stuff that made up the bulk of the blog the last five years. And the blog will continue, just with a new focus on geek culture and collaborating with more people.

Print Edition Launching 2021

My goal is to launch an actual print magazine, originally set for Summer 2021. I may have been a little ambitious however, and am now just setting an end goal for “sometime in 2021.” I’m hoping to make it a quarterly publication featuring the top posts here and original content made just for the magazine.

New social media!

I’m keeping the @SewGeekMama social media as my personal accounts and created new ones for the magazine:

Twitter – @GeekMamasMag

Facebook: Geek Mamas Magazine

Instagram: @GeekMamasMag

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