Review of the Chill Pill: a Drug-Free Alternative for Anxiety and Insomnia

As a long-time sufferer of anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia, I’m always interested in trying something new to see if it works. The Chill Pill from Mend Your Mental is a small handheld device designed to provide natural relief for mental health issues through electrotherapy stimulation. I was sent the device for free to give it a thorough test run and post my honest review, and I was quite impressed with the results!

A Different Kind of Pill

There are many kinds of “pills” that are meant to help you relax and ease anxiety, but this one isn’t the kind you ingest. The Chill Pill is a small oval-shaped device made of ABS-certified stainless steel, wrapped in a silicone shell. It’s lightweight and about 2.5″ long, with a silicon loop to go around your wrist. It is chargeable by USB and the charge lasts a good long while! The small silver dome on one side is the part you place against your palm. You’ll find the “On/Off” button on the side, along with up and down options to increase or decrease the intensity of the pulse. What pulse you might be wondering? That’s the secret to how the Chill Pill works!

Electrotherapy Stimulation at Work

The Chill Pill works by sending a mild electronic pulse at regular intervals. I found you have to move the device around a bit before you get it to hit just the right spot. The intensity also changes with how hard or soft you grip it. It feels like a very light electric zap. You can adjust the speed to be fast or slow, and the intensity so that you feel it, but without it being painful or uncomfortable.

According to Chill Pill co-founder Cheyenne Kingrea, “Every user has a unique experience with where they can feel the pulsing sensation. The position in which you hold it is entirely subjective- as long as you can feel the pulse coming from the large silver section, you’re good to go!”

These light electronic pulses stimulate neurotransmitters that act as chemical messengers that influence and connect your nerve cells. These neurons have the ability to sooth or stimulate your your entire body, head to toe. The regular waves pulsing from the Chill Pill send the message that it’s time to relax and let the tension melt away.

How to Use the Chill Pill

The Chill Pill can be used in two ways – as an immediate response to a panic attack or anxious situation, and as a long-term therapy that may help with insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Immediate Benefits:

I suffer from panic attacks, and I absolutely hate them. They are confusing and frustrating because they come on with no warning and for no reason. Sure sometimes it’s for obvious reason like public speaking, but the ones that happen when I’m just doing normal things are incredibly annoying to me. They make me feel helpless, and unfortunately if they spiral out of control then I can’t breath and feel like I’m literally dying. I feel like I now have a secret weapon to help pull me out of the panic attack spiral after testing it out in a real life situation.

It came on like a wave of fear. All I was doing was sitting and chatting with my husband on the patio. Suddenly my heart started beating faster and the world around me sounded fuzzy. I felt heavy and weird. My husband was talking but I couldn’t really respond, so I just blurted out “I’m having a panic attack again for no reason” and sank down into my chair and tried to breath slowly. That’s when I remembered the Chill Pill. Problem was, it was inside the house and I had to decide what would be worse- running in to get it, or trying to explain to my husband where to find it. I opted for making a mad dash to the front door myself.

I grabbed the Chill Pill, sat down and cranked it up so I could feel it right away. Once I got a good zap that got my attention, I dialed it down to a reasonable level and just sat for a moment, trying to concentrate on the sensation in my hand and not in my chest. I tried to focus on the little pulse in my palm, while holding it first in my left hand as the directions instruct. It’s timed at 20 minutes and if you are still anxious after that, you are supposed to do it again in your right hand.

Chill Pill in hand
The Chill Pill

As the electronic waves pulsed and drew my mind away from the chaotic frenzy of the panic attack, I started to feel my heart rate slow and go back to normal. After a short time, I was able to go back to the patio and enjoy my evening, as I discreetly kept my little Chill Pill tucked into my palm.

I was so impressed at its effect that I decided to try and use it to head off the anxiety when speaking to a group. I did a zoom presentation about being an author and a Q & A for a group of school children, and as I spoke, I held the Chill Pill in my hand. It was like a tiny rhythmic reminder to chill out and relax.

Long-term Benefits:

To obtain a more overall, long-term benefit, The Chill Pill is recommended for daily use. One 20 min. morning session, in your left hand and one evening session before you go to sleep. For the evening session, it is ok to fall asleep with it in your hand. It will shut off on its own.

I haven’t been able to really tell if it works for insomnia, because I really like to read before bed. And I find I can get to sleep if I shut the book as soon as I feel a little hint of sleepy and clear my mind. I found the little pulse distracts me a bit from getting to sleep and I found myself awake again and wanting to read more. So I tried holding it while I was reading to see if I could reap the benefits and get my reading in. I can’t give a clear yes or no on whether it is working for better sleep just yet, but I will continue to test it out. The instructions say significant changes in sleep patterns may take 2-7 days of consistent use before you notice a difference.

Where to Find It

You can purchase the Chill Pill at for $65. You can also follow them on Instagram and TikTok at @MendYourMental – and keep an eye out there for promo codes and specials!

I honestly recommend trying this product if you have problems with panic attacks and anxiety. It’s a pretty cool way to to put discreet, effective therapy in the palm of your hand and calm a chaotic mind.

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