Geeky Valentine Gift Guide 2022

It’s Valentine season, and if you have a geeky partner that means you need to find something tailored to their favorite fandom to really wow them this Valentine’s Day! Read on for a few fun gift ideas for the geek in your life that go beyond the usual nerd shirt of coffee mug. Starting out with just a handful of items because I wanted to get this out early and add to it as I find more geeky gifts to recommend.

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Geeky Valentine Gift Guide 2022

Adagio is the Geekiest Tea Ever

If you like tea, you have to check out Adagio Tea’s Fandom blends. And even if you don’t like tea, it’s worth getting it just for the cool artsy tins it comes in! They have almost every fandom covered with their unique blends. It’s all loose tea, so if you do get this as a gift, adding some tea bags or a tea strainer pot/cup is a good idea.

Fashionably Geeky Accessories offers a very fashionable way to show your geeky side with ties, socks, bracelets, belts and of course, cufflinks featuring your favorite fandoms! They carry Star Wars, Star Trek, Disney, DC, Marvel, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones goods for the grown-up geek. Shown below are the I Love You, I Know Icon cufflinks and Luke Skywalker Lightsaber bracelet. The products are high quality and the packaging on these is really nice as well.

Check out their awesome Valentines 20% OFF SITEWIDE Sale @

Custom Game Controllers

Put any picture you want on your PS4 Game Controller! How romantic is that? This company does a custom skin that fits over an existing controller as a vinyl decal: Custom Skin for PS4 Controller with Your Photos

I also think ANY custom game controller is a pretty cool gift idea for a gamer. There are tons of options available, including special editions for specific games.

geeky gift idea custom controller skins
Custom game controller skins

Groove Life’s Marvel Line

Groove Life has some great options for the active geek– like Avengers silicon rings you can wear while working out and the only belt you’ll ever need, with a cool geeky belt buckle of course. They also have some gorgeous leather watch bands emblazoned with Avengers logos. Check them out on

Star Wars Kitchen Set

If you have a Star Wars fan that also loves cooking, there’s a lot of fun items available from small kitchen accessories to pots and pans and small appliances. I have a Millenium Falcon waffle iron myself! This kitchen set is a great idea for a bundled gift with utensils, a Darth Vadar apron and free dishwasher magnet. Check it out: Star Wars Kitchen Set

star wars kitchen accessories for valentine's day
Star Wars in the kitchen

Geeky Magnetic Poetry

We had one of these magnetic poetry kits in college and my roommate and I would leave funny poems on the refrigerator for each other all the time. Now there’s a version just for geeks! Click here to check out the Geeky Magnetic Poetry Kit

geek poetry magnets

Superhero Wearable Blanket

It’s the easiest cosplay ever! The DC Comics Adult Soft Throw Blanket with Sleeves is a comfy and stylishly geeky way to keep warm this winter! Snuggle up as Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Superman or Batman.

I hope you enjoyed these few ideas for geeky gifts! I’ll be adding to this gift guide as I find new items until Valentine’s Day.

Until then…

spiderman and deadpool valentine

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