Editor's Picks

Editor’s Picks: DIY Valentine’s Cards, a Gift Guide and a Buff City Soap Date Night

Valentine’s Day is almost here! If you have little kids, that means trying to figure out what Valentine cards they’ll be handing out at school, so I’ve shared a couple of my previous DIY card posts here. Every year I try to come up with something fun and without candy involved, because he’s going to get a ton of it already. I also created a Geeky Valentine Gift Guide with some unique ideas for adult gifts. And finally, we did our Valentine’s Day celebrating a bit early with a date night making bath bombs at Buff City Soap.

Non-Candy Valentine Card Ideas

It seems a bit sacrilegious that someone name Candy is promoting non-candy cards, but the kids will be getting so many sweets no matter what that I try to balance it out with something unique. I haven’t made the tutorial yet for this year’s cards, but one of my favorites from years past is the Glow Stick Valentine Cards I made for his pre-school class. The bonus is that they were also super easy, and you can get a bunch of glow sticks for cheap on Amazon or at the dollar store.

Check out that post here: DIY Glow Stick Valentine Cards with Free Printable.

Glow Stick Valentine cards

My other favorite is the I A-Doh You playdough Valentine cards, which were a slight step up in cost and effort, but still rather simple to assemble.

Geeky Valentine Gift Guide

I tried to stay strictly geeky for this year’s Valentine Gift Guide and found several fun things ranging from upscale Star Wars jewelry to custom skins for game controllers. Check out the Geeky Valentine Gift Guide for more ideas and a promo code or two! The image shown below features the Luke Skywalker Lightsaber bracelet from CuffLinks.com, which is obviously Princess Leia approved.

Princess Leia cosplay with Luke Skywalker bracelet

Date Night at Buff City Soap Jacksonville

We were invited to a night of making bath bombs at Buff City Soap in the St. John Town Center, which made for a fun date night event. We got to pick out our favorite scent, form the bath bombs, and then squirt them with sparkles and colors. I chose the 99 Pomlems scent and my husband went for Ferocious Beast. If you happen to find yourself in their Jacksonville location, just tell them Candy20 and you can get 20% off your purchase!

That wraps up another edition of Editor’s Picks! I don’t do these as regularly as I used to, because I haven’t been going out and doing as many events. Between Covid and it getting dark early, I’ve just been mostly staying at home. It was really nice to get out and have a child-free evening and get crafty making bath bombs. Now I have to get crafty at home and make sure my son has his non-candy Valentine cards ready and a box to put them in. This year I’m using shark teeth! I am hoping the kids think the teeth are cool. I’ll post the tutorial if I manage to get them done early.

Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day ❤

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