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Helpful Hints for Geeky Gift Giving

We’re a fan of the Geeky Gift Guides here on Geek Mamas, so today’s Guest Geek has a few suggestions on where to start your search for the perfect gift for the geek in your life. From the gamer geek to the book nerd, read on for their tips on what to look for when shopping for any gift-giving occasion.

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Helpful Hints for Geeky Gift Giving

We all have a geek in our lives, and it might be a little tougher to spoil them and show them we care. Your nerdy friend might be more into academics than beauty products and shopping sprees, and birthday gifts could require a little more thought than just a pretty knitted sweater.

From book nerds to gaming nerds to history nerds, there’s always something that will hit just right. Here’s a helpful guide to satisfy the souls of all your geeky friends and family, so your gifts will blow them away in 2022. 


If your geek is the type to avoid nights out in favour of gaming until the early morning, you might consider contributing to their game obsession. Keep in mind though, that this doesn’t have to be limited to video games, which can get quite expensive. 

Look into some fun board games, trivia games and card games that can be played as a group. There are loads of themed card decks, like Monarchs Gold, or even fandom-themed cards that could make a regular game of blackjack a whole lot more special to them.

Playing board games


A safe bet is to buy your geek some kind of merchandise for a fandom (or another interest) they’re obsessed with. Whether it’s Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or even something less common like Medieval poetry, you’re bound to find books, T-shirts, keychains, mugs, posters, jewellery and other items that will make their hearts explode.

If you’re not 100% sure what they’re into, casually ask a few questions about what TV shows, movies or books they’re really loving at the moment and you should be good to go. 


Almost any kind of nerd will love you if you buy them a book. What makes this a whole lot easier is that you can find books on just about any topic.

If you’re friends with a science nerd, you can find books filled with interesting science trivia. If your friend loves history, thousands of books exist covering just about any historical period they might be interested in. Books even fall into the merchandise category, and you can probably find a book about the creation of Star Wars or something similar.

For your average bookworm, any fictional novel will do the trick too, especially in a genre you know they love. 

Girl reading book

Vintage Items

If you’re friends with someone who’s obsessed with everything ancient, giving them a little piece of history might just blow them away. 

A really old book, pens, tools or other retro items from years ago, or even some clothing from their favourite era could make a stunning and special gift that you know they’ll really treasure.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for your geeky friends might feel like a challenge, but if you’re really in tune with what makes them happy you should be able to find a special and thoughtful gift that will make them smile.

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, Christmas gift or just for the sake of it, you have loads of options to explore. 

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