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Japanese Snack Taste Test with Limited Edition Sakura Bokksu

Celebrate cherry blossom season with the Limited Edition Sakura box from Bokksu! Bokksu is the best Japanese snack box, packed with tons of delicious treats! Unfortunately, they stopped their affiliate program and my promo code no longer works!

bokksu Japanese snack box

Premium Japanese Snacks Delivered Monthly

Enjoy a different theme each month, and 20-24 snacks and tea, both savory and sweet. The snacks usually come in pairs, which makes it a great box to share with a friend! My son LOVES it when a new box arrives (and so do I) and has to try everything. I can’t even get him to try ketchup on his chicken nuggets, but for some reason he will totally taste test a bag full of flower jelly or a seaweed flavored mystery cracker.

Watch our full taste test of everything in the newest box on YouTube:

Unboxing the Sakura box from Bokksu

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