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The Spring Blog Update

It’s been a quiet week on the blog, as I’ve been focusing a bit more on life offline. It’s spring so I’ve been enjoying working on the yard and planting new things. I planted bulbs for the first time and have been excitedly watching them grow. I can’t wait to see what they look like when the start making flowers! I also started volunteering a bit more with my son’s school, now that we have the opportunity. He started school during Covid, so we are just now starting to experience what a normal school year is like.

mom, son and easter bunny
We saw the Easter Bunny!

Birthdays, Holidays and Field Trips

We had a busy Easter week with my son’s 7th birthday, my husband’s 51st and multiple Easter celebrations. I also volunteered as a school field trip chaperone for the first time! My son is in first grade, and it was his first field trip. We went to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, and it was pretty much just chaos the whole time. I was hoping there would be some sort of educational aspect, like a zookeeper talk or something, but it was a free-for-all mad dash around the zoo, lunch, then back to school.

Chasing first grade boys around the zoo was more cardio than I had planned to do that morning, and their craziness intensifies when they travel in packs. At one point I threatened to never chaperone again, and my son keeps bringing that up since I did actually volunteer for their next one. They’re going to Tree Hill Nature Center, and I’ve always wanted to visit there but never got around to it. I figure I might as well go do it. I could probably use more cardio anyway.

keelan at the Jacksonville zoo
Pretty much sums up field trip to the zoo

Time for Gardening

Spring is one of my favorite times of year for gardening, all the way up until July when it’s just too hot to grow anything besides peppers and sun flowers. I recently moved my Lettuce Grow hydroponic tower indoors and added grow lights, and also expanded my front yard garden.

I did a video setting up the Lettuce Grow tower indoors with the lights, and hope to get that posted soon. I am LOVING having the farmstand indoors. I moved some of the plants from the farmstand into the front garden and they’ve been doing well. I got berries for the first time from the Alpine Berry plants I got from Lettuce Grow. They are also known as wild strawberries.

And as usual, I have to mention my friend code that saves you $50:  Click here to save $50 off your own Lettuce Grow Farmstand with code: FRIEND-SE2U  – I get a credit whenever someone uses it, and that’s keeping me supplied with fresh seedlings so I really appreciate it!

alpine berries, also known as wild strawberries
Alpine Berries

Halden Home Garden Course

And speaking of promo codes, I just signed up as an affiliate for a newly launched gardening course designed to introduce people to creating a garden at home. I am currently going through the course and will share more about it as I go through it. I am always excited to learn new things about gardening, but I’ve never actually taken a class before.

It’s called the Halden Home Garden Course, and you can save 15% off the course with code CANDY15. I haven’t gotten very far beyond just logging in and taking a quick look through the course materials. I look forward to getting more into it and having the best garden ever this season.

Another Blog? Really?

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I am slowly creating a new blog that’s less mom blog and more “Home & Garden.” I’m sort of feeling out this new direction that I started in last year with a new (and still very small) Instagram account called Keane + Coastal. You can find it on Instagram at @keaneandcoastal . It’s all about renovating our house, working on the yard and garden, and enjoying life at the beach.

The blog is not set-up yet at all. I just secured the domain and blog name on WordPress. I’ll still have GeekMamas up for a very long time, but I do see this new direction as sort of an exit plan when mom blogging is no longer a passion. I’m sure I have many years before the mom blog stuff is not really relevant to my life anymore though.

I’m not jumping ship or changing this blog. I just realized some things over the past year, and while I love the cosplay and costumes, I’m just not into the whole “scene” as much as I used to be. I don’t even have any comic cons planned this year. My life is currently focused on home and family, and I want to incorporate that more instead of creating stuff that takes me away from it. I get my cosplay fix from doing little shoots at home, and tying it in with tutorials for the blog, or stuff I’m selling on Poshmark/Etsy/eBay.

So big new website launch yet. It will be a bit while I find its direction and I’m not rushing into it.

So that’s it for now. I have several Geek of the Week features lined up for the next few weeks, so I look forward to sharing those interviews, getting into my new gardening course, and maybe squeezing in a little cosplay too.

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