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Give the Gift of History with Ancestry DNA

Years ago I got myself an Ancestry DNA membership during a sale, so I wanted to share the latest sale where it’s $60 to sign up, instead of $100. It would make a really neat Mother or Father’s Day gift to learn a bit about your family history and you might find some interesting long lost family connections.

Ancestry US

**2023 Update: Sale is no longer valid! I’m still a member of Ancestry DNA though, and I try and update this post whenever there is a sale.

ancestry dna kit test and review

They are also doing discounts on the kits and memberships, but I’ve never actually done that part so I’m not sure what all it includes. I think it is access to more historical records. But I signed up for just the DNA kit probably about 10 years ago, and it is a one-time fee, but they send you updates as long as you are part of the website. It’s pretty neat that every time they gather more data, they update your DNA results and they get more detailed every time.

I wrote a post a while back about my experience with Ancestry DNA, check it out here:

I highly recommend getting it (or a similar DNA testing kit) for yourself, or as a gift! I find it fascinating every time they send updated results. And although it is small percent, my favorite part was finally getting a bit of validation that great-grandma’s stories about our Native American connections were actually true, right down to the tribe and area where she said they were from.

And while the majority of DNA matches have been in the 3rd cousin range, I have learned of some new family connections. As someone who has always been interested in genealogy and finding out about where my family comes from, signing up for Ancestry DNA has been a really neat experience.

ancestry dna kits on sale

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