Do Makeup Glasses Really Work?

A friend sent me a video on Instagram of these crazy looking “makeup glasses” for people who can’t see up close and have trouble putting on makeup without their glasses. As someone who needs readers and usually just has to guess where my eyeliner needs to go, I was immediately like, “I’m gonna get those.” So I did!

makeup glasses

I Gave Makeup Glasses a Try

I admit I did not get the more expensive glasses from the advertisement, but went right to Amazon and found a 2-Pack by Eyegaurd for $14. They are free to return, so I figure I had nothing to lose. (Click here to find them on Amazon)

The makeup glasses are made with a single lens that flips from side to side, and you can get them in varying magnification strengths just like regular readers. The frame of the glasses is at the bottom, and rests on your nose like regular glasses, but upside down.

how makeup glasses work

But do they work?

The answer to that question is yes, and no. They actually worked great for tweezing my eyebrows. I almost kept them just for that reason. And they might work for makeup if you put your makeup on at a weird angle and come at it from above.

But in the end, I returned them. The bottom piece was in the way, and it made everything awkward. It worked a little better when I flipped them upside down. You could possibly get them to work with some practice, but I just wasn’t sold enough to keep them.

Trying out the makeup glasses on Instagram:

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