I Am Not Ready for Valentine’s Day

Usually by this time I’d have a few Valentine presents ready, a Valentine Gift Guide published, my son’s cards prepped for school and a blog posted about making those V day cards. At this point all I’ve managed to do is share an old post about making cards. I have no idea how it snuck up on me!

In fact, I got so behind that I actually wrote that intro two days ago and never got around to finishing the post. And here it is Valentine’s Day today! I did actually manage to get my son’s cards ready yesterday. I got heart shaped Playfoam and made stickers to go on the back. Pretty simple!

Find it on Amazon: 20 Pack of Heart Shaped Playfoam

Then at the grocery store yesterday I picked up a bottle of wine that said Love on the label, a selection of little mini desserts and cards for my son and husband. So at the last minute I did manage to get ready for V day after all.

No romantic dinner plans, but we are going for pedicures and then to brunch, so that sounds like a good day to me!

Hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day however you plan to celebrate (or not, lol).

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