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Simple Self-Care: Tips for Your Next Vacation

With winter on its way out and Spring Vacation looming, many people will be traveling soon. Our Guest Geek post this week goes over some valuable self-care tips to keep in mind while traveling.

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Self-Care: tips for your next vacation

Looking after your mental and physical self can be an important part of living a full and happy life. While you may take additional steps to do so during your working days, you might also want to think about the ways you could better look after yourself while on vacation. This can involve a bit of forethought on your part regarding how best to protect yourself. Doing so might alter the destination you choose to visit, as well as how you conduct yourself when away from home.

Opt for Insurance

Many people might ask why buy travel insurance when they have never had a need for it in the past, and that can be a good question. However, it may be better to have it than to decline and then require it later.

Medical bills can quickly get expensive, depending on where you visit, and insurance could alleviate these costs. Likewise, it can be frustrating to find that your items have been lost, and that you haven’t budgeted for situations where you might need to replace your belongings. Having that insurance in hand can make these situations significantly easier, especially if you have valuables with you and can’t afford to buy more.

Make sure your insurance offers you enough coverage and consider buying more if travelling with a laptop or other expensive items.

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Check Country Statistics

Some countries may be deemed as safer to travel to than others. Currently, the United States ranks as 56th on a list of given countries’ crime rates. The country in first position, Venezuela, has a much higher crime rate and, therefore, you might want to consider avoiding it if you’re not a confident traveler.

Some places, such as South Korea, Finland, and Portugal, rank significantly lower. While this may not guarantee a lack of crime, it may give you some peace of mind. Likewise, you might also want to look into the infectious disease rates of different countries, to help maintain your health.

Watch What You Drink

Having access to clean, safe drinking water is something that many people might take for granted. The reality is that there are many nations throughout the world that do not have such access. In addition to this, certain areas might have indoor plumbing, but the water from the taps is unfit for human consumption.

Looking into the safety of water before you travel can also help to keep you safe. Should you still wish to visit such a country, you may want to think about budgeting for bottled water to allow you to still hydrate and brush your teeth. You might find it cheaper to buy larger bottles of water, if available, and then decant it into a smaller bottle as and when needed, rather than continuing to buy numerous disposable bottles each day.

Maintaining your physical, mental, and financial health can be crucial while you are on vacation, as well as throughout the rest of your life. Considering the ways that you might be able to do so could allow you the freedom to really enjoy the trip you take.

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