What Style of Underwear is Best for Your Needs?

We have our own personal preferences, but have you ever researched reasons for choosing a certain type of underwear that best fits your needs? Well look no further, because our Guest Geek post today answers the questions you didn’t know you had about all things undies.

types of underwear

Finding the right style of underwear to suit your body shape, the clothes you want to wear, and the occasion you’re dressing for is something of a fine art. Most of us can find that our underwear offers one or two of these things at most, but is there a way of getting all of these things while feeling comfortable at the same time? 

To accomplish this, it’s all a matter of understanding which style of underwear is going to suit your body, and how that style can complement your needs. To help you find that perfect combination faster, here are some of the most popular styles to consider. 

Bikini Underwear

This style of underwear suits pretty much any outfit, from shorts and skirts to jeans of all rises. It sits nicely below the waistline and its combination of versatility and discreet lines allows you to show off your abdomen with minimal backside coverage. However, not all body types will suit a standard bikini, so it’s important to consider how you feel in something so revealing and with such thin fabric to support your shape. 


Sitting snugly around the hips, hipster underwear can provide a happy medium between coverage, comfort, and style. One of the main benefits of hipsters is how complementary they are to pretty much any body shape. Hipsters are essentially a new version of the classic brief but with a slightly lower rise. 

hipster underwear


While boyshorts are extremely cozy due to their low leg opening and full backside coverage, they aren’t just for lounging around the house. In fact, finding a pair of compression boyshorts or a lacy number in this style can make you feel comfortable and attractive at the same time. 

Classic Underwear Briefs

Designed to provide you with full coverage, classic underwear briefs will sit higher on the stomach than other underwear styles. And while they may have a certain retro feel to them, they’re still a very popular choice due to the full back support and low leg openings. 

underwear on clothesline


We all know what thongs do and how they look, and chances are you’re already firmly in the yes or no camp regarding this underwear style. Sitting snugly between both backside cheeks, they offer almost no coverage and eliminate the worry of panty lines. 


This style of underwear rests around the navel or a few inches above depending on your preferences. They support the butt with full coverage and provide some strong shape control that’s comfortable due to their stretchy material. High-waisted underwear works best with high-rise shorts, jeans, or sweatpants, and can be used for lounging around the home or going out in style. 

Final Thoughts 

Using this information to help you match your needs to the ideal pair of underwear can set you up for a far less stressful and much more comfortable future shopping trip. And with a better idea of what you’re looking for on that trip, the easier it’ll be to get the right style for the right reasons every time. 

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