Geek of the Week: Crystal of Spidey Moose Cosplay

It’s time to get caught up on this Geek of the Week thing! So, without further ado, please welcome our Geek of the Week Crystal, who’s known on Instagram and TikTok as Spidey Moose Cosplay (@Spidey.Moose.Cosplay)

Please introduce yourself:

Hello there!! (General Kenobi) forgive me for that lol my name is Crystal and I’m based in Southwest Florida. Still relatively new to cosplay and loving every moment.

What do you geek out on?

Most of my geeky stuff right now is Star Wars. Have three new cosplans on the way thanks to the extended universe.

I also love collecting funko pops from just about every fandom I’m involved in whether that’s Supernatural or Marvel, I have a pop for that.

Marvel or DC? and Why?

Hmmm difficult choice, but Marvel. My reasoning, have you seen Squirrel Girl?

Star Wars or Star Trek? and Why?

Please don’t make me choose!

If I have to, I’d go with Star Wars because if a lot of the visual effects. I’m just getting into both of these fandoms to be honest.

Favorite video game now, or as a kid, or both if you are a long-time gamer:

I’m looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy. I’ve never been much of a gamer, but my partner is, and I’d love to play soon.

Were you a geeky kid or did you come into it later in life?

I came into geekiness later in life.

Have you ever cosplayed as a favorite character?

Many times. I’ve done Squirrel Girl, Power Girl and Lady Deadpool, they each hold a spot in my heart.

What is your favorite geeky event you’ve attended or would like to go to?

I’m actually heading to Megacon 2023 in less than a month and I’m super excited.

Are you working on anything right now you’d like to share or promote?

I’m trying my best to set a little bit aside so I can do Captain Carter. Her custom suit is a little pricey, but stay tuned for those pics and of her classic cream blouse and red skirt.

Thank you to Crystal for answering our geeky questions! And if you’d like to be featured as our next Geek of the Week, head over to the submission page here: Geek of the Week on Geek Mamas

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