Happy Star Wars Day from a Galaxy Not So Far Away

May the 4th be with you! It’s a great day for Star Wars fans to show some love throughout the galaxy. I’ve written plenty of Star Wars related posts right here on the blog. From a recap of attending the huge convention Star Wars Celebration to my trip to Ireland where I decided I needed to visit all the Star Wars filming locations, the Force is strong in this household.

geek mom candy keane as chewbacca and son as darth vader

May the 4th Be With You

I grew up with Star Wars and have loved it since I was very little. I remember playing Jedis with my cousins and using broomsticks as light sabers. I was a bit jealous one of them had the Ewok treehouse. I always wanted one of those!

It was all quiet in the galaxy for a while after Return of the Jedi, and then it all came back when they re-released all the movies digitally remastered. I went to theater to see all of them! And then the new ones came out. And then it was quiet again. And now…well it seems like every time you turn around there’s some new Star Wars show. So it’s obviously here to stay!

I’ve done A LOT of Star Wars costuming over the years, and I love getting my son into it too. I have to keep his outfits pretty simple, but it’s fun when he is part of the group.

So I hope everyone has a great Star Wars Day! Go out and enjoy your galaxy.

Princess Parfaita and Luke Piewalker from Sesame Street Star S'mores
Princess Parfaita and Luke Piewalker from Sesame Street Star S’mores

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