Book Pre-Sales

Our GoFundMe campaign has closed, and while we didn’t meet our original goal to go with the publisher, we did raise enough to self-publish our book I’m Going to My First Comic Convention!

You can still purchase a copy in advance for $20 (includes shipping)

by clicking here:

Our publishing timeline is the same – the book will be ready in October in time for our table at WasabiCon, which is currently still scheduled for Oct. 3-4, 2020. Books will ship earlier if they are ready before the convention date.

first comic con book cover

Thank you to everyone who participated in our GoFundMe to help kick off this publishing project! We can’t wait to get these books ready and send them out. We are currently in the final stages of putting everything together, getting the pictures to fit and figure out where to put the words.

You can read more about the project progress here:

Book Publishing Progress and GoFundMe Update

And get a printable coloring page from the book here:

Printable Coloring Page from Our Upcoming Kids Book