Good Morning! Just a little update

IMG_2233It’s Tuesday and I don’t have anything particular planned to post today. It was a busy weekend with two birthdays and family visiting so there was very little computer time. I even took the entire day offline Sunday and just worked in the yard. Not even one Facebook update about all the new things I planted. It felt good to just do things and not try and get a perfect photo and share and tag and hashtag.

There’s a lot of things I need to catch up on and do a blog post about – My son turned the big 3 on Saturday and I threw my first kid party. His birthday is almost the same as his dad’s, so they’ve been having combo parties until now. Birdy Boutique sent me several cute things for the party, including the awesome birthday crown I’m wearing in the photo. It reminded me of Max’s crown in Where the Wilds Things Are. Of course my son refused to wear that, or the bow ties, or super cool dinosaur capes they sent! So I’m still working on pics of all that.

My grandmother brought me a Copper Crisper air fryer thing and I gave it a try with sweet potatoes. I wasn’t blown away by the results, but I did take pics of it all, so plan on a riveting review coming soon.

House renovations are still in full swing. We are currently working on adding pavers and a fire pit to the big jungle area we have in front. There’s probably a blog post in there somewhere…

And we got a pile of great books from Good Night Books but seem to be stalled on the first one. I was really looking forward to trying to get a bedtime story reading thing going but Keelan just isn’t having it. I haven’t managed to get all the way through one of the books without him skipping to the end and throwing it. Starting to suspect this kid does not share his mom’s love of books. All I can do is keep trying right?

Well as usual, if it links to Amazon, it’s an affiliate link. I’m off now to go do a Skype interview for an infomercial casting for a new Ninja cooking system. I’ve actually done a lot of Skype casting interviews for reality type TV shows always wonder if I’m just wasting my time. This is my first commercial casing! But just like with reading books to my son, I figure if I just keep trying and not expect too much, maybe something will come out of it, lol.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Wish me luck on my interview 🙂


5 Weird Things at Grandma’s House

We’re visiting my in-laws’s house this weekend (who are obviously grandparents) and I noticed some striking similarities between their household and my own grandparent’s house. I feel like these are things you run into at many grandparent’s houses. It’s like something that happens when you get older, you start to collect or display these odd items. Sort of like a teenager and their music/movie posters, these are items you display when you hit a certain age. I’m interested to know how many other people have run into these same things:

The Creepy Lifelike Doll

Creepy fool

Where did she come from? Why is she hanging out? She’s not there to play with, just to look at it. And we are lucky enough to have her propped up on the dresser of the guest bedroom, so she can watch over us while we sleep. This one is not actually as creepy as her predecessor. We have no idea where she went…

The Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clock

My great-grandma had one of these and it used to creep me out when I couldn’t sleep. Like it was mocking me with every hour. My in-laws have one that marks every 30 min. and goes off on the hour. Why is this even a thing? It’s really annoying at 2AM.

Something Asian

I’ve run into this at every grandparent’s place – the Asian collection. My own grandmother re-did her entire living room in what she calls her “Orientals.” And my in-laws have an Asian room as well. My great-grandmother just had a few select pieces. But it seems they’ve all been touched by the Asian persuasion at some point.

Random Wall Art

Raccoon painting

I’m not sure how long something hangs on the wall before you feel like it’s time to move on, but most of the artwork found  at grandma’s has been there for a loooooong time. I’m pretty sure this a 1960’s raccoon portrait. It makes me think of The Bloggess, lol.

The WTF Item

These are things given to them by friends who are being funny, that they keep and display. They serve no purpose, just take up space, and are just weird. I think this is a troll drinking beer. It has been here for the 18 years I’ve known my husband. Always in the guest room, just hanging out.


There are many other fun things to find at grandma’s, but these are just a few that jumped out at me on our latest visit. I’d love to see pics of what everyone else finds!

As a side note – my in-laws are pretty awesome. So this is in no way making fun of them or their decorating skills. Just a little observation piece 😀

That One Time I Pressed Publish Instead of Save

One of my favorite things I learned in journalism school was about utilizing the process of the Shitty Rough Draft, or SRD for short.

My professor told us to just dump what’s in our head onto paper. Then take those words and form your story. It’s like working with a lump of clay and forming a sculpture. You use what’s there, form it, add to it, take some away and refine it until it’s just the way you want. I’ve held onto that theory and took it a step further by talk-texting notes to my phone. My notes section is filled with short blurbs waiting to be molded into blog posts.

Unfortunately, until they are crafted into something readable, they are badly spelled gibberish. Sometimes it’s because talk-to-text isn’t perfect and sometimes it’s because I’m actually just yelling gibberish into the phone. I’ve found I’m able to decipher the phone notes better than my old scribbled notes. Gibberish paired with illegible penmenship might as well be heiroglphics. Sometimes it’s so rudimentary it’s closer to cuneiform. So I gave up on carrying around a notepad and instead just transfer my notes into the wordpress app and build on it from there.

Except a few days ago when for some reason I pressed PUBLISH instead of save. And not just publish, but had allllll those little share buttons checked to blast it out to my e-mail list, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

I sent out a run-on blurb about teachers I had talk-texted into my phone during a particularly tough toddler day. Keelan was giving me a hard time about everything. I was trying to show him some new books and he just wanted to throw them, stomp on them, tear them up…do anything but actually look at them. I got so incredibly frustrated, inwardly screaming “Look you little monster I’m just trying to teach you to act like a decent human for godsakkes give me a break and stop throwing the damn book down the stairs!” And outwardly smiling through clenched teeth while trying to will some patience to the surface.

And that’s when I thought, “I don’t know how teachers deal with trying to teach a whole room of kids to look at a book and learn something, now that takes some skill.” I quickly mumbled some of these thoughts into my phone, not caring if anything was spelled correctly, or even if it was a complete sentence.

After pressing publish and getting that panicky “Oh Shit” sinking feeling, I scrambled to remember all the places it had been blasted to so I could delete each one. The only one I couldn’t delete was the mailing list. I am not actually sure if the mailing list sends out a link or the whole post. Maybe someone who got it can enlighten me! But in case it just sends a link, I went ahead and quickly finished the post so when it is clicked, there will be an actual, legitimate post. And all my mailing list people will probably just think I was drunk blogging…


Gray Dawn: The First Silver Strands

This is how the conversation went in the car the other night:

Me: The blond around my face looks like it’s growing out really silvery. Like sparkly blond.

Husband: You mean gray?

Me, HORRIFIED wide-eyed, mouth open response: It. Is. Not. Gray. I said silvery dammit. It is just really light blond.

Husband: So silver? Like gray? You’re going gray?

Me: Stop saying gray! It’s not gray! Conversation over!

But yeah, it was totally gray.

going grey

For the last 20 years I’ve been various shades of blond. I kept up with it religiously, only letting it grow out a bit when I was pregnant. As soon as I hit the 2nd trimester, I was attacking those roots with a vengeance.

Now that I have a toddler, and a heck of a lot less “me time” I decided to go back to my natural light brown with highlights. I’ve always had natural blond bits around my face. Recently I discovered those parts might not actually be blond. When I let them grow, turns out I may have been going gray for years.

When I mentioned this new development to my friend Cindy, who rocks a full head of the silvery stuff, she told me they were “naturally effervescent strands of delight.” And while I love the description, I’m not sure I’m ready to be that effervescent.

I made a salon appointment for next month to go get my hair a little more blond all over and blend in those sneaky strands. I’m 42 and not quite ready to embrace the whole “aging gracefully” thing. I’m still putting up a pretty good fight, and on the forefront of that battle is my love affair with the perfect blend of blond.

So when did you discover your first strand of gray? I’m pretty sure there is a direct correlation between having children and suddenly sprouting silver! 😂


Humpty Dumpty Was My Best Friend

I was scrolling through Instagram and ran across a cute pic of a toddler and stuffed animal and it got me thinking of my favorite stuffed toy. The one that I carried with me everywhere and cuddled up with every night. But mine wasn’t a cute little plush animal. My best friend was a stuffed egg.

Not my actual Dumpy, but I Googled ’70s Humpty Dumpty and this is Exactly what he looked like!

Humpty Dumpty and I were inseparable. I called him “Dumpy” and couldn’t get to sleep without him by my side. As I got older and he started to fall apart, my mom kept trying to take him away. One time she threw him in the trash, only to have to retrieve him and give him a complete makeover. By then he had lost his floppy arms and legs, so she covered him with fresh fabric and drew on some striped pants and a new face.

I have no idea at what age I gave up Dumpy, but I’ll never forget him. My son has two stuffed dogs he calls his “woof-woofs.” My husband actually still has his favorite stuffed animal from childhood. It’s a teddy bear named Fuzzy. I made the mistake of putting Fuzzy in the washing machine and had to give him some extensive facial reconstruction, but he’s OK now and has been adopted by our son. We just don’t mention his Elvis like sneer.

So I’m curious, what was your favorite childhood snuggle toy?