My Week in Review- Dream Day, Disney, Wine in a Box and One Messy Toddler

I had quite an eventful week between a charity event and a Disney vacation! I’m back at home and catching up on things, so here’s a few highlights from the past week – 


Dream Day with PRI Productions and Make-A-Wish foundation –


This past week I suited up as Antiope and spent the day at an annual event that gives children with life threatening illnesses an amazing day to have fun and just be a kid. They get dressed up and then parade down a red carpet into an amazing wonderland of characters, candy, entertainment and activities. I was very happy to be a part of this incredible event!


All last week we participated in a 5 Day Toddler Messy Play Challenge put on by My Bored Toddler. Each day we had a different messy activity to do, take pics of and share. We did it the first four days (shaving cream, oobleck, jello and colored spaghetti) but skipped the 5th day, which was playing in dirt and K does that every single day at some point. My favorite thing was the oobleck, which is just corn starch and water mixed together to make a crazy paste that goes from hard to runny and back again depending on what you do with it.

I’m enjoying all the research I’m doing for an article on boxed wine. I’ve taken it upon myself to try out several brands of boxed wine to see if it is a more cost effective way of supporting my wine habit. Typically one box equals four bottles at a fraction of the price. My previous experiences with Franzia’s white zinfandel back in the day have made me hesitant to invest in an entire box of the stuff, but so far I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve tried. My white zin days are long gone, so I’ve been focusing on the red blends. So far, the Bota Box RedVolution has been my favorite. But, the research continues!

We got four day Disney Explorer passes a while back, used just one day, then realized they were going to expire soon. So that’s how we found ourselves at three different Disney parks in three days in the middle of June. The heat was sweltering, so my biggest Disney tip is – don’t go in the summer! It was a fun little vacation though and K really enjoyed seeing everything, although there wasn’t a lot he could ride at the other parks. I think we will wait until he is at least 38″ tall before going back, because that seems to be the most common height requirement.


That’s it for this week! How about you guys? Anything exciting happen? Any favorite boxed wines to suggest?


My Week in Review – Little Donuts, Blue Ice, Clams, 16 Years and a Pile of Dirt

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a good week. Since I didn’t want to stick to doing a weekly round-up on a specific day or a specific number, I just decided to keep doing what works best for me- a random mishmash posting when I feel like it! No rules! lol 

My Week in Review 5/28 – 6/3

img_3574Rediscovering childhood favorites- We went to Art in Park this weekend, where unfortunately it was boiling hot with about 110% humidity (yay, Florida summer!) so it was a very sweaty event. Keelan spotted someone with a blue colored treat and immediately started asking for blue ice cream. I quickly figured out it was flavored ice and thought that sounded like an amazing idea.  I used to always go for the blue raspberry flavor when I was little and we’d hang out at the ball park. It was a total childhood flashback as soon as I got my first taste! I hadn’t gotten a flavored ice in over 20 years. I love the ways kids bring a little bit of your childhood back into your life.

National Donut Day was Friday, June 1st and it just happened to coincide with my first visit to The Mini Bar, a new local gourmet mini donut shop that also sells beer and wine! It also just happens to be in the same plaza as an indoor trampoline park so we had an impromptu wine and donut break before going back into the madness of the kid zone. I think we found a new tradition!

Clam shells were everywhere on the beach the past few days. Open and empty, just washing up with the tide, hundreds of them all along the shoreline. I scooped up a bunch for our shell collection. I tried researching to see if this was some kind of annual phenomenon or weird clam season but had no luck. All I managed to find out was the name of the shell is Dosinia.

It was our 16th wedding anniversary this week. Hard to believe it’s been that long! I couldn’t have picked a better partner to spend my life with. We’ve gone through a lot together and are lucky to have grown closer as we’ve changed, adapted and grown up a lot since our college days. I love our life together and all our adventures. Here’s to many more 😘

Our next big house project got underway when a big pile of dirt was delivered this week. Keelan was ecstatic about this development. I’m sure he’d rather we leave him the dirt pile, but when the pavers come in we will be turning this into a patio and fire pit.

That’s it for last week. This upcoming week is pretty open so who knows what adventure awaits! The only big thing on the calendar at the moment is next Saturday when I participate in Dream Day. I’ll be dressed as Antiope from the Wonder Woman movie. It’s a huge event for children with life-threatening medical conditions, put on with PRI Productions and the Make-a-Wish foundation. They transform their building into a fairytale wonderland for the day and I get to go help the fairytale come to life!

End of the Week Round-up

I feel like this weekly round-up of favorite things should have a better title to distinguish one post for the next, but I’m blanking on good ideas the moment. This week definitely had its ups and downs, with the down being the A/C going out in my car, then getting it fixed, then having it break again two days later. I finally got my car back today and things are back to being cool around here, so without further ado-

My Favorite Things This Week:

The chef’s table at Doro – I got a little mom night out time this week with my good friend Meisha, so I was excited for her to try Restaurant Doro for the first time. She loves the dining experience as much as I do, and never passes up a chance to sit at the chef’s table. It’s the best place to be if you are nosey about what everyone else is eating. We both love watching the food being prepared and seeing all the different dishes. Doro never disappoints with both taste and presentation!

Summer stargazing at the beach – Summer nights always make me think of watching shooting stars at the beach. The Perseids happen July – August so almost any night out during those months you’ll catch several streak across the sky. The stars are always way brighter at the beach, so since we’ve moved here I’ve been pointing out the bright constellations to my son. He’s great at picking out Orion and the Big Dipper.

Modern Map Art sent us this really cool star map from the night he was born, but I went to post a picture and then realized maybe it’s not the best idea to post all the exact details- name, date, time, location, and instead am posting the very nice sample photos from their website,

I thought it would look great on his bedroom wall. It’s a pretty cool personalized gift idea to commemorate an anniversary or any special date. They also have customized street, country and ski maps.

These pretty flowers my husband sent me – These were actually quite timely because they arrived on a rough toddler tantrumfest kind of day. What’s all that screaming? I don’t know…oh look pretty flowers…

Our brick! – I got my husband a special brick in our beaches town center for Christmas and I’ve been waiting a long time to see it. They only put them out in batches of 50 so sometimes it takes a while to reach the quota. I thought it would be a neat way to commemorate our new home and be a permanent part of our neighborhood. I finally got to see it last night, outside of a restaurant we often frequent:

That does it for this week’s favorite things. Stay tuned next week, when maybe I have a better title!

The only thing I’ve managed to come up with so far is Friday Favorites, but I’m not completely sold on Friday as the permanent post date. Sometimes I like to do the wrap-up on Monday!

Suggestions welcome 😁

My Favorite Things This Week

It’s Tuesday and I actually started this as a “things I love this week” wrap-up last Friday so that’s an indicator how my week has been going… Mother’s Day is pretty busy in the mom blog biz. Lots of activity!

So here’s a few things that I’ve been excited about this past week:

Making my gel nails last a little longer! –  I actually got this idea from a blog post on I took a way more simple approach and just used a little scotch tape and some glitter polish but had to give credit for the idea. Although I’ve gotten zero compliments, I think it looks pretty snazzy. At least it looks better than my nail polish half-way up my nail.

Before & After

Cobra Kai on YouTube Red – If you loved the Karate Kid when you were younger, you are going to love Cobra Kai! Also, you’re old! Ha, just kidding. But I’m guessing you’re over 30. I totally loved this series and actually signed up for the free trial after watching the first two free episodes. It takes place 30 years after the infamous All Valley Karate Tournament and reignites the feud between Johnny and Daniel-San.

Baking with the kiddo. I hope to be doing many more cooking posts! I love cooking and am excited my son is finally showing an interest. His interest seems rooted in sugary desserts, which are not my specialty, but I can adapt! Check out my awesome cookie-fail photos for proof. I actually just invested in some baking soda and baking powder today since it seems those are two things that keep popping up in these baking recipes. I also created a special shelf on my spice/oil rack just for these random baking requirements like vanilla extract and rainbow sprinkles. I am expanding my own skills to accommodate the toddler sweet tooth.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you momma’s out there, getting by, making it work, and rockin’ the mom thing. Hope you had a good one. Mine was…eh. Lol. I just wanted to sleep in, go to brunch and have mimosas and then take a nap. My husband was not on board with the sleeping in plan and proceeded to let our son have a screaming tantrum in his room right across from our’s without even bothering to shut our bedroom door. When I complained, I got a crappy “He’s 3, what can I do about it?” response. While there are many things I wanted to tell him he could go do…I just grabbed K and put him in bed with me until he stopped crying. Way to mom it up on Mother’s Day right? I did eventually get my mimosas and a nap so I won’t hold a grudge, although I am seriously considering staying in a hotel next Mother’s Day eve and then meeting up with the family for brunch. I think a night and morning to myself sounds divine. Also, I was the only one who tried to get any photos so here’s my awesome selfie that really sums up my day:

candy keane and son

Nap time! And finally, my favorite thing that has happened TWICE in the past week is the super elusive magical nap experience. This is something I took for granted back in early toddler-hood. Then it was taken away suddenly when my son just started refusing to nap. I miss it SO BAD. I used to get stuff done during nap time. As soon as he went down I’d spring into action and get a million things done. Now when it happens I feel like getting on my hand and knees and thanking God and shouting halleluja and I’m not even a religious person.

So that’s the highlights of my past week! How was your’s?

Happy Sunday! How was your week?

Hope everyone had a great week! Mine was kind of crazy with prepping for the Comic Con at the library and dressing up for three different events. I did the beaches parade, an appearance on the Ch. 4 Morning Show and Beaches Library Comic Con. I’m worn out and ready to just wear a tank top and shorts for a while, lol.


I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day next week! I really enjoyed working on a Babbleboxx campaign where I got to try all kinds of different great gifts and blog about it. I feel like I’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day all week already! I’ve been doing a lot of sampling and reviewing lately and trying to have fun with it. I get really bored with blogs that are just one product after another, so the product has to be something I can tell a story about or create a story around. I also try and think about ways to make the photos a little more interesting than a standard stock photo. The hubs has been pretty good at coming up with photo ideas. This is my favorite shot for Edible Arrangements because it’s kind of silly, but totally true because I do really love getting those things! I’ll take a chocolate covered strawberry over a flower bouquet any day.

Edible Arrangements
OMG! I get to eat this!

Right now I’m literally sitting around waiting for paint to dry so I figured I’d do a quick Sunday blog post before I head back out into the yard to finish sanding and painting the lamp posts. I have one more to finish and I’ll have finally completed a project I started a few weeks ago! Next I’m planting some cucumbers on a trellis in the backyard and working on the mailbox area. Lots of house projects in the works!

And speaking of that, pretty sure it’s time for the 2nd coat on those lamp posts so back to work for me. How was your week?