My Week in Review- Ice Cream Treats, Dental Anxiety, the Perfect Burrito, an Unboxing and a Movie Matinee

This week the ice cream man stopped a meltdown, I survived a morning of torture at the dentist, my Instagram post about the perfect microwave burrito attracted silly bot comments, Keelan and I unboxed a Moms Meet box from Lindsay Almond Butter and we attended a movie matinee as a family for the very first time.

Week in Review August 6 – 12

Saved by the Ice Cream Man – Maybe it’s a parenting weakness, but I have been known to turn to bribery in moments of pure desperation when I can’t get my son to break out of a full tantrum meltdown. Like the screaming possessed child kind where they don’t even seem to see or hear you no matter what soothing loving words you keep trying. But you know what they can hear? The far away tinkling sounds of ice cream truck music. So moments before my soothing words became manic parent yelling, we heard the music. I whisked my son off the ground and shouted like a crazy person (because at that point I did feel a bit crazy) “Do you hear that? Do you hear THAT?? It’s THE ICE CREAM MAN!!” And magically the screaming and tears stopped. I could have kissed the ice cream man, but that would have made things really awkward so I just paid him the $3 and thanked him for his perfect timing.

saved by the ice cream man
Sometimes, all you need is ice cream

The Secret to the Perfect Burrito – Sometimes you feel the need to share your life lessons, even the simple ones. In college I perfected the microwave burrito so I shared a pic on Instagram of my fabulous burrito and my favorite hot sauce, along with the instructions on getting it done all the way through instead of the usual hard on the ends and cold in the middle results. There’s so many bots on Instagram now leaving silly comments based on hashtags that my burrito on a paper plate was deemed “amazing” and also got a few “inspiring content” posts, along with a compliment on the photo composition. I deleted a few of the obvious fake comments before deciding to just start answering them back. That was way more fun.

the perfect microwave burrito
Are you inspired yet?

We Unboxed Some Yummy Almond Butter – My trusty completely unreliable and destructive assistant and I unboxed a surprise from Moms Meet and Lindsay Almond Butter. I’m working on a review/recipe post for next week!

I Survived the Dentist – This could probably be a stand-alone blog, and I probably will write about it at some point, but I am terrified of the dentist. I turn into a big 40-year-old baby. I needed a filling replaced and a crown. They gave me Valium, gas, a neck pillow and a blankie. (I totally asked for the blankie) My anxiety is usually so high that the gas doesn’t affect me, but I keep trying because I’m optimistic like that (and my insurance covers it.) I got through it without crying so I’ll call this one a success. I was monitoring my heart rate on my watch and it topped out at 150 bpm but I managed to keep it around 100 for most of it. The bad part is I have to go back to get the permanent crown on and am trying not to think about it.

at the dentist
Are we done yet?

Our First Family Movie Matinee – I was SO excited to take Keelan to the movies! It’s funny the little things that are milestones as a new parent. I used to go see movies all the time, but not so much anymore. There’s a lot of normal life things you really take for granted before you have kids. (like showering, sleeping, pooping alone, etc.) and every time you get one of these little life luxuries back, it’s a huge deal.

Well that’s it for this week. One our biggest events was actually on Sunday – we saw PAW Patrol Live! I’ll be doing a full post on that one. It was a first for both of us since I’d never been to a big kid’s event before and had no idea what to expect. We don’t have anything too exciting on the calendar this week, but you never know what can happen between now and next Sunday! It’s a whole week just waiting for an adventure to be planned.

My Week in Review – Cosplay Mom Make-over, White Plates, Toddler Painting, Park Hops and Good Teeth

It’s good to be back home! We had a great vacation and then jumped right back into things with the GAAM event, I got some new plates to better display food pics, we got messy with some paint pods, spent the morning at the park with Jax Moms Blog and K had a great visit to the dentist.

Week in Review July 30 – August 5

The Mom Make-over – Originally we had been working on costume from Final Fantasy for the GAAM event. Then we ran into “mom time” issues and didn’t finish in time. I wasn’t going to let my friend Effie attend her first big cosplay event not dressed up, so we threw together an anime inspired look to fit the theme. Here’s our big Before & After looks:

Showing off the Food – All my plates are colorful and most of them are old with scratches and chips. They aren’t the best thing to display dinner creations for recipe posts. I noticed most people (and restaurants) are using white plates so the focus is on the food. I guess I have a hard time NOT choosing color because I picked these out with the light blue rim. I used them for the first time to show off a meal made with Prego Cooking Sauce with chicken and mushrooms, which is a campaign I’m currently working on. I got to try the Creamy Lemon Parmesan and it made a really delicious easy meal.



Let’s Get Messy – I invited Effie and her son Alex over for a messy afternoon of toddler painting. You can pretty much put “toddler” in front of anything and it becomes a messy activity. We were sent some fun games from Goliath Games and the kids had a great time with the unspillable paint pods in the Paint-Station. They went at it with paint brushes, fingers and later entire and dinosaurs. The paint washed off everything amazingly well!


The Last Park Hop – We made it to the last Jax Moms Blog Park Hop of the summer and got to practice putting, take pics with the Little Mermaid, build and shoot a rocket and just run around the park like crazy. They choose a different park for every event in the summer and bring in a lot of fun activities and vendors. I think there needs to be a fall session as well, hint hint….


Clean teeth – We also made it to the dentist this week. Little K was very brave and had a good cleaning. I was a little worried since I have the hardest time ever getting him to brush his teeth. The folks at Fishman Pediatric Dentistry did a great job making him feel comfortable and rewarded him with a big blow-up monkey and a new little car!


That’s it for this week! As this posts on Monday I’ll be on my way to my own dreaded dentist appointment. I’m just hoping I can be as brave as my son! Wish me luck. At least they prescribed me some Valium so maybe I can get through my appointment without tears too, lol.

The Weekly Round-up: Past, Present and Future Edition

Since I’ve been gone on vacation for two weeks, the usual weekly round-up post is being replaced today by a short update.

PAST– The biggest highlight of the past couple weeks of course was our trip to Ireland. It’s inspiring a new “Tips for Traveling with Toddlers” post. We’ve travelled with Keelan since he was an infant, both within the US and internationally, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’d like to share some of my favorite tips since it seems like every article I’ve run across is just rehashing the same old stuff. Most of it is useful, but I plan to include some things I didn’t read about or even think of. I’ll have it posted next week. (so I guess this is also kind of future too…lol)

Candy Keane at Temple Bar
Me and Keelan at Temple Bar in Dublin

PRESENT- This highlight of the weekend will be GAAM on Saturday night! My attempt to help a friend make a costume wasn’t met with total success, so we will keep working on it for a different event. Trying to make anything on “mom time” is a real challenge! So instead we are just throwing together something fun anime inspired stuff to match the event theme.

Candy Keane as Rosalina cosplay
The first costume I ever made for GAAM – Rosalina from Super Mario

FUTURE- And the next big event after that will be PAW Patrol Live! I’m currently giving away 4 free tickets to the Jacksonville show on my Facebook page:

I’ll be drawing the winner and announcing the name on Facebook on Monday, July 30th!

paw patrol tickets
I’ve got the tickets!

That’s it for me! I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things at home and maybe unpacking. Just maybe. So far I’ve only unpacked my make-up and hair stuff. I have priorities you know.

So what is everyone looking forward to doing this weekend?

My Week in Review- Star Cookies Part 2, Fireworks, Spider-Man Ice Cream, a Clean Room and a Visit to Lululemon

This week was all weird due to the holiday on Wednesday. It’s felt like the weekend all week long! It was an eventful week with a memorable visit to the Lululemon store, a second attempt to make decent looking star cookies and all the Fourth of July festivities happening. I also found time to clean my son’s room, which lasted all of five minutes and I got to introduce him to the wonders of the ice cream truck.

Week in review July 1 – July 8

The Cookie Do-Over – Keelan is always asking for “star cookies” since he saw them on a Pillsbury box, so we gave them a second try. Check out our impressively bad first attempt here: Watch out Betty Crocker

This time we used a rolling pin, cookie cutter and followed the directions on a package of Miss Jones Sugar Cookies. Still not perfect, but way better looking! And great taste which is the most important part.

Happy 4th of July! – Hope you all had a happy 4th! We enjoyed hanging with friends and watching fireworks two nights in a row. K loves fireworks, but I’m not surprised because it’s something exploding and bursting into flames. The only thing that could make it better is if it were car shaped.


Lululemon to the Rescue – My visit to Lululemon on Monday was an amazing start to the week. If you missed that story, click here check out all the details of how they handled a blog post with just a little complaint, and made me their newest fan.

I’m Just Going to Put This Here – 


You know what that is? It’s the floor. I took a photo to prove it does exist 😂

It’s already covered up again with toys, clothes and kid stuff, but for one shining moment the kid’s room was actually clean.

IIIIIIccccce Creeeeeeaaaam – I’ll end this week’s round-up with another childhood throwback – a visit to the ice cream truck! I have no idea how long it’s been since I chased down an ice cream truck, but we were at the park and I heard the music in the distance, and K asked, “What’s that sound?”

I remembered how excited I’d be when I heard it, running home to beg for quarters from my mom so I could get a rocket pop or an ice cream sandwich, so I decided to let him in on the secret and told him about the ice cream truck. This was the most exciting thing he’d heard all day and immediately begged to go hunt down this magical truck.

I discovered the price has gone up since my youth and that 50 cent ice cream is now $3.50 (gee I feel old, lol) but at least now they take credit cards! So after choosing his frozen treat from the pics on the side of the truck, he was the proud owner of a Spider-Man ice cream bar. It was the messiest thing ever but totally worth it!


Hope you all had a great week and are enjoying your summer! We are getting ready to leave for our summer vacation soon and I’m not sure about the Internet situation so blog posts may be scattered for the new few weeks. I’m trying to schedule some ahead of time though 🙂

My Week in Review – Park Hops, Lululemon Comes Calling, Doorknobs, and All the Tomatoes

This past week the garden has been blowing up with goodies from tomatoes to beans, and I’m trying to incorporate as much as possible in our meals. We made a visit to our old neighborhood for a Jax Moms Blog Park Hop and will definitely be adding the next one to our calendar. I learned where we keep the bedroom door key a little too late and removed the whole doorknob to rescue a panicking toddler. And finally, I complained about my Lululemon leggings and got a surprise phone call.

My Week in Review 6/25- 7/1

So many tomatoes! First the first time, I’ve had some success growing tomatoes. I don’t think my old garden got enough sunlight. But this year I’ve grown beefsteak, cherry and roma tomatoes. I pick tomatoes every day! And then my neighbor gave me some neat colorful ones from his garden, so I’ve been cooking up a storm with all these fresh ingredients. I also learned to make fried green tomatoes and will now be making that one of my go-to dishes. Really easy and delicious!

Spicy sauce recipe: plain yogurt, squirt of ranch dressing, dash of sriracha sauce, tbsp. lemon juice, and a little garlic salt

My son accidentally locked himself in his bedroom and was having a complete meltdown on the other side of the door while I tried to figure out what to do. The old “bobby pin in the door handle” didn’t work, so I decided to remove the doorknob.

When I managed to get the pieces off and he could see me through the hole, he calmed down a bit. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t get it open because it was locked in place. I finally got in touch with my husband who let me know there WAS A KEY the whole time! Arrrgh! It was down the hall, on top of the bathroom door. A little thing that looked like a flathead screwdriver. Two seconds and the lock was popped, door opened and mom saved the day, woohoo!


My most popular post from the past week was “Lululemon Makes Me Feel Fat,” which lead to a phone call from the manager of our local Lululemon store about five hours after I posted it. Wow, they work fast! They had my number because they take all your info when you make a purchase.

My first thought was, “Oh crap, people are actually reading this stuff.”

Quickly followed by “Oh yay! People are reading this stuff!” lol

The manager was really nice and invited me to the store for a better fitting and to find the right pair of leggings for me. She said in no way were they supposed to be flipping down and fitting the way I described in my article. I was totally impressed with the way the situation was handled and am looking forward to my visit on Monday!


And finally, we made it to our first Jax Moms Blog Park Hop and enjoyed the free orange sherbert, bug spray sample, kids games and a visit from Tinkerbell. This was the first time we’d been back to the park in our old neighborhood and I have been trying to find the pic of Keelan that I took there when he was a baby. It was his first picture on a slide! I wanted to do a side-by-side, but no luck finding the original so far.

That’s it for this past week! Not much on the calendar for next week, but will probably involve lots of prepping for an upcoming trip to Ireland and then a big cosplay event two days after we return. 

So how was your week?