Easy Sewing Tutorial: Winding a Bobbin on a Sewing Machine

Last night I had to take in a top, so I filmed a quick little demo on winding a bobbin with a sewing machine. After looking over my YouTube stats recently, it was pretty easy to zero in on what the most popular thing I post is – short simple sewing stuff.

I realized when I sit down in front of my machine, I feel at home. I don’t have to think about how to wind the bobbin or thread the machine. I could do it with my eyes closed. But this is not the case for someone sitting down in front of a sewing machine for the first time. They might not know where to start and have very simple questions.

And judging from channel my stats (Almost 40k views for the two minute long tutorial on serging without a serger vs. 120 views for the over five minute more involved project about sewing a pouch) a LOT of people have simple questions!

So I’m getting back to putting the “sew” in SewGeekMama (my handle on everything). Here’s how to wind a bobbin in less than two minutes:


Easy Sewing Tutorial for Making a Matching Bag for Your Costume

I hate spending hours perfecting the look of my costume and then have to carry a purse, but most of the time a bag is a necessity. I did a Facebook Live post where I showed how to make a simple little drawstring bag. It takes less than 5 minutes and even a beginner can do it. I tried to cut it down to just the important parts because we were chatting with people as they commented on the broadcast. If you want to fast forward through the intro chatter, the sewing action starts at 00:58.

Sew Geek Mama on YouTube

youtubechannelI recently started a new YouTube channel called Sew Geek Mama so I could do tutorials about sewing and crafting for cosplay related stuff. While doing research, it came to my attention that there a LOT of good videos out there already. And many appear to be professionally filmed and edited, with people that know what to say and when to say it.
My channel is none of those things.
It’s just me, filming myself, doing things just like I’d do if there wasn’t a camera. I mess up. Sometimes I don’t know exactly what to say. Sometimes I just mumble to myself. But in the end I am striving to make something easy to follow, that might help people learn a new skill in a less intimidating way.
For some people, sewing is like baking – get a pattern, follow instructions, finished product looks like photo.
For me, sewing is more like cooking – get basic ingredients, read directions, try some stuff, adjust as necessary, finished product is something unique and personal.
So I hope you will join me on this new little video adventure. I’m learning how to do this as I go along and hope to improve with each tutorial! I’m starting with some small stuff and will soon do full projects.