I Got a Felt Letter Board, Now What?

When I first saw bloggers posting about upping their Insta-game with a felt letter board, I didn’t really get it. And then when I saw it, I was like, well now I have to have it! It’s a framed felt board with little slots to stick in letters and numbers. The more I looked, the more I saw them being used and felt like I needed to give it a try.

funny letter board quote

I did some research and found a cute post on NestingWithGrace.com where they found a lot of good uses for their board (photo above) and another with good tips and tricks on keeping your letters straight and setting up your layout.

I got this 10×10 wooden framed letter board by Shiny Vita off Amazon and was ready to think of something brilliant to share with the world. (If you feel the burning need to get one too, go ahead and click my handy affiliate link there and use code “geekmamas” for 25% off.)

felt letter board 10x10

The board comes with little scissors and 680 letters, symbols and numbers attached to plastic grids. About half of them glow in the dark so you can marvel at your witty quotes even with the lights out. It also comes with a little bag to keep your letters in, however, I found the best way to organize everything is to get little plastic containers with dividers. I got a 3-pack of plastic containers which was enough to organize everything in its own individual space so it doesn’t take an hour to find the right letter or symbol.

But before I could get started, I had to get snipping. And snipping. And organizing…

Snipping letter board numbers

After I finally snipped them all off (ok most of them) I was ready to put something on it! But what?? Stuff I made up? Quotes from other places? My super witty insights into #momlife? I stared at that board for a long time and only managed to come up with this:

mom life felt letter board

So maybe I’m not ready to join the Instagram letter board brigade just yet…lol.

I have at least found some other creative uses besides quotes:

sagaform and tryazon party
Hashtags at sampling and promo parties
happy birthday nanny
Special message for Nanny on her birthday!

And next I’ll probably use it as a sign at my son’s birthday party. So it has come in handy, although I kind of find putting all those little pieces on the board extremely tedious and want to quit halfway through and find some better use of my time.

But then I think…how will my husband get through the night without gazing on my wisdom glowing in the darkness? And I just keep going…

Feel free to inspired me with your favorite felt letter board quotes and posts!


A Gorgeous Sign and Giveaway from Gifted Occasion

keane family signWe moved last year from the Jacksonville city suburbs to the coastal community of Atlantic Beach. We bought an older home that needed a lot of work, and we’ve put a lot into the renovations over the past year to where we are finally starting to decorate a bit. We completely changed our style, where our old house was bright reds and yellows – the new place is cool blues and grays. And of course we are going heavy on the coastal decor!

When GiftedOccasion.com contacted me about doing a review, I knew exactly what I wanted to look for. I am SO happy with the personalized wooden sign they sent me! It was the perfect addition to our living room. The letters are cut out of Baltic birch and mounted on maple plywood so they have a great 3-D effect. The wood comes stained and the hibiscus painted red. The stain on the wood is even more rich and pretty in person.

And they were nice enough to offer a giveaway so one lucky reader will can go shopping on their website with $100 gift card! See details below.


Here’s How to Enter the GiftedOccasion.com $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

  1. US entries only please
  2. Winner is picked randomly by contest app, more entries = better chances
  3. Opportunities to enter:
    1. MUST DO ONE: Follow GiftedOccasion on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook  
    2. Pin a product from their website with the hashtag #giftedoccasion
    3. BONUS ENTRIES: Follow SewGeekMama on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  4. Very Important: Comment on this post with where your entries can be found. This makes it easy to verify everything and counts as another entry!
  5. Contest ends 3/30/2018. We need at least 10 entries by then or no winner will be chosen. So please share and tell your friends!

Shhh! Baby Sleeping! Go Away or Suffer the Consequences

baby sleeping wooden signAlthough the real sentiment here is “Ring the bell, I break your face,” this is a much nicer way of putting things. My Baby Sleeping wooden sign upgrade from GiftedOccasion.com looks so much better than my old hand written sign I used to tape to the door. This one is a 3-D wooden design cut from birch and stained dark walnut. My old sign was an piece of scrap paper scribbled on with black Sharpie.

Now that my son naps only on occasion, I forget the utter panic at the thought someone might come to the door. Because we have dogs, a knock on the door, a bell ring, or even just a leaf fluttering too close to the window can elicit a series of barks and howls sure to wake any sleeping child. Any time that’s happened, I fly down the stairs and then run around like a mad woman yelling (as quietly as possible) “shush, shush, shushhhhh!”

In an effort to lessen the chance of visitors during those extremely valuable napping moments, I have been taping this sign to my front door for the last 3 years:

handwritten baby sleeping sign

In fact, sometimes just so I didn’t forget to put it up, I’d leave it there for days on end, until it finally fell off and was unusable. It worked fine, but I kept having to replace it and it just didn’t look nice on our door. We are replacing our door tomorrow with a very pretty custom front door and I did not want to tape my ugly sign back up!

So I’m excited to have a pretty sign, for our pretty front door. And this one will last longer than my son’s napping years and will most likely be passed on. Or possibly saved and put out when I just don’t want to be bothered. Yes, I totally do that, lol.

Gifted Occasion also sent me a totally gorgeous personalized family sign that I’ll be posting soon, along with a chance for my readers to win a $100 Gift Certificate to go shopping on their website! Look for details on the next week. 😁

The Importance of Girl Time

When we get older and grow out of slumber parties, get busy with work and family, girl time gets more rare as it’s replaced by mom time, wife time and regular everyday adult woman time. Life takes the front seat and having girl friends over means planning around schedules, work and kids. It’s too easy to just put it on the back burner and forget about it.

I really missed my girl time, so recently I started having small get-togethers, centered around whatever products I was recently sampling. It gives me a great excuse to throw a party and provides great brand exposure for the companies I work with.

My latest girlie get-together was for Tryazon featuring Sagaform and their Scandinavian lifestyle brand focusing on thoughtfully designed products that make great gifts for friends. They wanted to show a few products in action and sent a multipurpose pasta tool, an herb pot, pizza cutting scissors and herb shredding scissors.

Sagaform USA products

I decided to do big salad and three different pizzas, with each half featuring a different herb and topping combo. I used thyme, basil, oregano, sage, parsley, rosemary and cilantro. I picked all the herbs fresh from my garden except the cilantro. It didn’t survive the winter!

We all got to snip herbs, marvel at the pizza cutting scissors in action (all the wine may have encouraged some oohing and ahhing), and check out the handy pasta tool. I also got to put my new felt letter board from Shiny Vita to good use to encourage everyone to use their hashtags.

We ate, we drank, we snipped and we checkout out the Sagaform website. But most importantly, we hung out and had fun just being together and catching up. And my friend Heather from Geek Chic Photography showed up with her fancy camera that blew away my iPhone pics, so I’m wrapping up with some favorite shots that she took that evening:

* Post contains an Amazon affiliate link. I might make money if you click on it and buy something. I know, shocker, right? Good thing I made this disclosure.


Artificial Bonsai, the tiny tree for busy lives

Back in college I had two pets- an orange tabby cat named Worm, and a bonsai tree. Sometimes I think that tree required more attention then the cat. Seriously, when I went away for a weekend I put out food and water for the cat but had a friend come over to water the bonsai with very specific I instructions.

It was a pretty little thing in a blue dish. I used to love pruning it with tiny scissors and enjoyed the little white flowers that would periodically bloom.

The cat lived a very long and happy life, but unfortunately my bonsai didn’t survive the college years. So when CommercialSilk contacted me about trying out a fake plant, first thing I did was check to see if they had a bonsai that looked like mine.

So here it is in all its glory:


A cute little bonsai tree that I never have to water or worry about. I never get to prune it either, but I’m ok with that now. I can barely keep everybody’s nails trimmed much less remember to trim a tiny tree these days.

I really liked the realistic details on the trunk and roots. I think it looks like a real plant up on my shelf. I had to get a three pack on SilkPlantsDirect.com to get the exact one I wanted, so if you don’t need three little trees, this would make the perfect gift for your plant-killing friend.

And I had just the spot for it on my kitchen shelf:

bonsai tree
Fake bonsai! The tiny tree for busy lives 😂