Heart of Joy Pajamas Bring a Little Light and Love

Heart of Joy PajamasWe recently got a try out a set of glow-in-the-dark pajamas from Heart of Joy, a company dedicated to brightening up the lives of homeless children.

When founder Desiree L. Jones learned that more than two million children every year experience a period of homelessness, and that even included a childhood friend, she felt moved to make a difference. She made it her goal to “create these pajamas, so that every child has one BRIGHT spot of joy, even if their short lives have seen an overwhelming amount of darkness.” For every set of pajamas purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes to an organization fighting homelessness.

Keelan got a set of the Blast Off Blue Green PJs, a navy blue top and bottom with glowing green numbers. We went with a 3T based on the size chart, and it was a perfect fit. The material is mostly cotton with a little spandex, so they are soft all over with a nice stretch. The print on the them is soft as well, and held up well after washing.

Every set purchased comes with a free silicone glow in the dark bracelet, and our pack also included notepads, pens, magnet and a lollipop!

heart of joy package“The Heart of Joy logo was created to glow so that when a child has to spend the night in a shelter or an orphanage they will have pajamas that are NEW, ORIGINAL and BRIGHT!” – HeartOfJoyPJs.com

Keelan put them on during the day so we’d have enough light for pics and he didn’t want to take them off. So we exposed them to bright light for about five minutes and went in the bathroom to see the glow! He really loved counting all the numbers. We are still working on the counting part, lol.

Trying Out OneZeeMe for Personalized Toddler Style

When Keelan was born, I recall going through onesies like crazy that first year. Of course I had to have a special one for every holiday, every season and every age. So I love the idea of this new subscription box from OneZeeMe.com, where you get personalized onsies sent every month. They sent me a cool box to check out and review, and provided my son with his new favorite shirt.

And it’s not just onesies! I was excited to see they also included t-shirts. To get started I filled out a short survey to find out my child’s age, name, gender and special interests. They then tailor the box to be special for each child by using their name, age and interests on the clothing. They also include holiday and seasonal themes as well.

We got a box with two onesies and two t-shirts and I’m happy to say, the sizing is great. Everything fit! I’ve found kid’s sizing to be all over the place, and often onesies will run too short, but these were perfect. My son was really excited as soon as he saw his name on the sparkly “Super Keelan” shirt and had to put it on right away.

I brought the box out with me to a “mommy and me” type shoot hoping to get pics of all of them, but he only wanted to wear Super Keelan the whole time! We did get some great pics in that shirt at least, taken by Sharm Fassbender Photography:

This is the sort of thing I’d love to have gotten as a gift! As a thrifty parent I mostly go for $10 Target shirts and bargain 3 packs of onesies, but even then, when you break down the cost (a four item month-to-month subscription box is $50) it’s just over $10 an item so that’s pretty good for personalized clothing. They also have 3, 6 and 12 month options, and a 10% off code for your first purchase: 10PERCENTOFF.

I really liked the box and think it would make a great baby shower gift. Babies got to gave their onesies! Might as well be stylish about it.


It’s a Desk, It’s a Chair, It’s a 3-D Puzzle!

wooden school deskThe little nerd in me is loving this school desk by Print2D3D. I would have been so excited to get this when I was a kid! My son Keelan is more into cars and mud, but I’m hoping he will grow into the “playing school” thing and enjoy learning as much as I do. I figure a good start is his very own personalized desk with chalkboard top.

The desk arrived with all the pieces flat. I was anticipating struggling with a drill (mostly struggling with finding, then charging up the drill) but hallelujah, everything just slides together! It’s a 3-D desk and chair puzzle! I was impressed that the pieces were constructed from a nice solid wood. No flimsy particle board here. The company specializes in building thoughtfully crafted kids furniture, and it shows. This stuff is built to last.

Desk from Print 2D3D unassembled

My son couldn’t wait to help me put it together so we both grabbed our tools and got to work.

There’s a handy sheet with instructions, but really it’s so easy you can pretty much see how it all goes together.

Everything slides together without much effort, and I used the hammer to secure a few stubborn pieces. They include a little wooden block so you can bang on the pieces without denting the actual desk. Keelan helped make sure everything was well hammered.

toddler hammering

My son was sitting in it seconds after assembly and asking for chalk. You can get the desk with a natural wood finish on top, but I thought the chalkboard option would be more fun. The personalized name is also optional.

toddler sitting at desk

The desk is a great piece for home schooling or just playing. If I could make any improvements, I’d want a lid that lifts up with storage inside. Although that would probably detract from the easy sliding assembly. It does have a little nook under the backside of the desk that’s perfect for storing school supplies and chalk.

KIDS2D3D just recently released the desk and is currently offering a 40% promotion, just follow the link to get it.

Regular price for natural wood top is $137.95 and chalkboard top is $145.95 (free shipping)

And of course right after assembling it, Keelan was already asking to take it apart and put it back together again, which you can actually do! The entire thing disassembles back to flat for easy storage.


Disclaimer: Product was sent free for review, but all opinions are my own. Article also includes Amazon affiliate links.

Toddlers Don’t Understand Advertising

My son is just getting into building things, so when there was an opportunity to apply for a Strictly Briks Tryabox from Tryazon, I signed up immediately. I figured, I’ve suffered through enough episodes of Ryan’s Toy Review, getting kids to review toys looks easy enough.

So guess who has a new respect for Ryan and his willingness to play with toys and not throw them? Yeah, it’s not that easy.

We were off to a good start with the closed box. Keelan was excited to see what was inside. The high level of excitement continued as we pulled the brightly colored packaged from the box. There were squeals of delight when he spotted the Trap and Gap Baseplates with the pictures of cars on the front. And that’s when everything went downhill.

Strictly Briks Trap and Gap Baseplates

He quickly tore into the box to discover there were no cars to be found. Just tons of tiny building bricks. This was way out of his recommended age range, but there was no stopping him once he saw the box. He did give it his best shot, maybe thinking if he built it, the cars would come.

Toddler building with strictly briks

The entire time I’m trying to convince him to let mommy help build it and we can get cars to go in it. He was having none of it.

I tried to steer him toward the more toddler-appropriate larger Briks and he threw them behind the couch. I then tried to get him to play with any of the other fun looking things Strictly Briks had sent us:


He refused to play with anything else and the whole episode ended in one giant meltdown. So I packed everything away to try another day.


Today he started asking where his new “little blocks” were. 🙄

I’m sure we have plenty of Strictly Briks fun in our future, but for now those little blocks are back in their box until we reach a new milestone of maturity. One that includes not throwing blocks at mommy.

The Collection Obsession

charm-necklaceWhen I was little (back in the 80s), the first thing I remember being obsessed with was my charm necklace. Or more specifically, the little charms that hook into the plastic chain link necklaces. The charms were everything from tiny unicorns to roller skates. I recall being quite the 3rd grade gangsta loaded down with charms.

Next it was jelly bracelets. I had them all the way to my elbows. Then Garbage Pail kids. I was out of the game before Pokémon came along, but it’s no surprise to learn that kids are still into the “gotta collect ’em all” mentality.

The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company is playing into that with their Surprizamals collection, which combines the surprise egg theme with the collecting aspect. There’s a surprise cuddly little animal inside each red ball. They sent me five free ones to check out and review. They retail for $4.99 and are recommened for age 3+. The age group for these is a little older than my son, but I knew he’d totally be into the surprise egg part thanks to his obsession with Ryan’s Toy Review on YouTube.

So this is how the tryout went:

Day 1, Egg 1

Saw red egg and immediatly lost it yelling “Surprise egg! Surprise egg!” Found a Fenley Fox inside. Liked it so much he slept with.

Day 2, Egg 2

Next I decided to take one to the playground to see what the other kids thought. We got a cute little Lola Lady Bug (ultra rare!), which one of the other kids promptly ran off with to bury in the sand. Before I knew it all the pieces were everywhere. Tags, egg halves, Lola… I did manage to get our lady bug back before we went home but her egg was nowhere to be found.

Day 3, Eggs 3 – 5

Got a unicorn. He’s decided he doesn’t like the tags, which really are long and cumbersome so I had to remove them.

Day 4, All the eggs

Egg halves are scattered around the house along with 3 foxes, a lady bug and unicorn. The little animals are so soft that every time I step on one I think I’ve stepped on a cat paw or tail. Keelan mostly likes to put them back in the egg and then open it again. I actually think his favorite thing is the egg.

The final verdict:

The materials say “hours of fun” but that’s kind of stretching it. But really, is anything hours of fun to a toddler? It’s more like, repeated fun with the bonus of an egg to play with and refill! I don’t think he quite gets the collecting aspect, but I can guarantee you if we see these at the checkout line he’s going to be begging for one.