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Guest Posts: 
We love working with other bloggers, but this is not your usual “mom blog,” so we’re not interested in another article on baby tips, 10 Ways to Clean Something or your 5 Favorite Strollers. We only accept guest posts with a geek angle. Cosplay, comics, movies, games, superheroes, Star Wars, etc…. It can be a personal parenting story, like this one: D is for Dark Knight, a post about a geeky topic like this one: The Most Expensive Cosplays Ever Made, or even a craft, activity or recipe.

* Please note if you are linking to or promoting a business then there is a fee for posting.

Sponsored Posts:
If you are blogging for a business and not a personal blog, the minimum for a sponsored post is $50 and goes up depending on content and links.

Product Reviews:
We enjoy trying new things and are happy to test out a wide variety of products. Product reviews can be in the form of feature articles, social posts, unboxing videos, live demos, or a combo of things.

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Thank you for your interest in working with Geek Mamas ! Requests usually receive a response in 1-2 days.