Lululemon Made Me Feel Like a Million Bucks

Last week in a fit of frustration with a pair of floppy leggings, I published an article titled “Lululemon Makes Me Feel Fat.” What happened next completely changed my opinion of the Lululemon brand and was a shining example of what has become a rarity these days- stellar customer service.

lululemon has amazing customer service
One very happy customer at Lululemon Jacksonville

Within hours of publishing the article, there was a message on my phone from the manager of our local Lululemon store, saying she read the article and wanted to speak with me because that is the LAST way they want anyone to feel. While I was trying to work through a bit of anxiety and muster up the courage to call back, my phone rang again and I did the one thing I hardly ever do- I answered it.

The store manager Vee immediately put me at ease and invited me to come back to the store to get properly fitted with a new pair of leggings. She said when I had visited in November, there were a lot of seasonal workers, and she’d like to set me up with Liza, who had been with them for a long time and was basically a leggings expert.

I will be the first to admit I am the worst at asking for help, so this is really where I went wrong on my first visit. I briefly conferred with the salesperson and then chose the leggings I thought had the cutest pattern. When buying anything high-end, even leggings, you need to be ready to ask for help so you make the right choice.

To say I am impressed with Lululemon is an understatement. Mind. Blown. If I still had my boutique, I’d be taking notes from them on how to handle customer service and a customer complaint. Not only have they won me over as a customer, but I’ve only told 9 billion people how amazing they are since yesterday.


When I arrived, they had a dressing room waiting with a bunch of different styles set up in my size, and Liza took the time to go over what activity each one was designed for, how it was supposed to fit, special features and types of fabric. Not only that, but I was greeted with a personalized sign on the fitting room, flowers, balloons and a handwritten card.

Like I said, Mind. Blown.

They were completely right about my size – I was a six in most styles. Some of the styles with a thicker material I was actually a four! So not only was I NOT feeling fat on this visit, but I was feeling pretty darn good about my gym progress.

With each try-on, I did sit-ups, jumped around the dressing room, touched my toes and basically bent every which way trying to see if they were going to roll or flop or do something weird. This is also something I should have done this first time! Put on those leggings and then see how they perform doing the thing you are going to use them for.

I narrowed down my choices based on performance and finally went with the Fast and Free Crop II. I was swayed by the side pockets and the super lightweight feel of the fabric. And the fact that no matter which way I bent and twisted, they stayed in place!

lululemon fast and free crop
Winner! Winner! Grilled chicken breast and salad dinner!

I finally get the whole Lululemon thing. I wore these to the gym and felt great. I totally understand what they mean by “naked sensation” now. That actually took some getting used too! lol. But I’m a total believer. My only problem now is that I want more!

I don’t usually write negative articles, but I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome after publishing my previous experience. And after posting about it on Facebook, I found this level of customer service is not an isolated incident. My friend Lindsey responded saying she wasn’t surprised with their actions, seeing how they made her first Mother’s Day special with a gift and flowers while her boyfriend Christian was thousands of miles away running across America to raise money for Help for Children, a charity focused on preventing and treating child abuse. Lululemon is one of the sponsors for his RUN2HEAL event, where he will run 3,000 miles from coast-to-coast with a goal of raising 1 million dollars for the charity. If you are interested in donating, learning more, or even joining Christian for part of his run, check out RUN2HEAL and click “Help me fight.”

So this concludes the saga of the leggings, a tale with a very happy ending! I’d be interested to hear about other companies stepping up like this. Leave me a comment and give a shout-out to a company who has done you right and is a good example of excellent customer service.





Lululemon Makes Me Feel Fat – And Then They Called Me

This article was originally posted 6/28/18. Within about five hours I got a phone call from the manager of our local Lululemon store. She assured me their leggings should NOT be doing what I describe here, and invited me to come back and be properly fitted. So I did, and Wow. So impressed with both the company’s customer service and the product. You can click here to read my follow-up, but first, here’s the original post that led to my recent Lululemon education:

Let’s start this by saying I don’t actually consider myself “fat.” I acknowledge that I do actually have fat accumulated in places I’d rather it not, but in no way is this a “Woe is me I’m fat,” kind of post. It actually started as a celebratory post, because I wanted to reward myself for keeping up with the gym and seeing some results, so I went to make my very first visit to the Lululemon store and indulge myself with some fancy expensive leggings. It kind of goes downhill from there.

lululemon clothing

The Lululemon shop has a wall of leggings like GAP has a wall of jeans. I tried not to get overwhelmed reading the descriptions and just decided to start picking styles out based on their pattern. The sales person must have noticed my extended staring and mumbling and came over to offer much needed help. She suggested I try the famous “Wunder Under” in a size 6, so I grabbed several in that size, plus one up and one down.

She mentioned the pants were designed to feel like second skin. I struggled in vain with the size 4, then the 6 and finally managed to get on an 8.¬†Apparently I am only a fan of my current skin, because once I finally got a pair on, they felt extremely tight and kind of invasive. Like, I don’t want leggings all up in my bits like that. I probably should have tried on a 10, but I had worked so hard to come down from a 10/12 that I just couldn’t do it. I also was not leaving there without leggings and felt like maybe I needed to just get used to the fit, so I purchased the 8, plus a cute top to match and planned to give them a test run at the gym the next day.

I have to say, Wunder Under is pretty accurate. Every time I wear them, I wonder how they keep ending up under my belly. Just the slightest lean forward and it’s flop, flip, belly squish right out the top and over. It’s not cute. I’m not sure if they are too small, or if I am just too long waisted and the top part is hitting me in a wierd spot, but it is incredibly frustrating to have my pants flop down and accentuate the very part I’m trying to work off.

lululemon leggings
One wrong move, and the belly squish escapes

So if I stand up straight, no bending, the leggings actually look really good and I’ve actually gotten compliments on them, which is probably way I keep squeezing my butt into them every so often. Until the first belly flop and then I’m like Ohhhhhh yeah…that’s why I don’t wear these a lot. I always feel like I’m doing really good at the gym thing until I wear those out the door.

So what’s your experience? Are you a Lululemon fan? If not, what’s your go-to leggings brand?