A New Respect for Teachers

Anyone who takes on a teacher position, bless you. It takes an amazing amount of patience, imagination, ingenuity and intelligence to become a good teacher and really help others to learn. I’m only trying to teach one child and find it incredibly challenging. I can’t imagine how it is to be in charge of an entire classroom of little minds.

apple on booksMy son is about to turn three and wants to know what everything is and how it works. I’m thankful I have Google at my fingertips so I can look everything up and try and teach him new things. Every once in a while I feel completely overwhelmed by the fact that I have to teach him EVERYTHING. And I get worried I’m not doing it right, or not teaching him enough. And how do I know what exactly I should be teaching him?

I’ve been concentrating on counting, colors, shapes and letters. I try to expand on things he’s quizzical about, and I try to do it all in a way that makes it fun so he will enjoy learning. And in the middle of all that, I realized, “Oh wow, looks like I have yet another new job. Time to add teacher to the list.” (it’s a long list of mom jobs including things like chef, maid and butt wiper)

And that realization grew into a new respect for the people that actually go out and teach people every day. Their jobs are so incredibly important. A good teacher can change your life, or help shape a little life just starting out. So thank you to all the teachers out there! And to homeschooling moms…wow, that has got to take some dedication and hard work. You certainly have my respect as well. Each time I try to do some type of learning activity with the toddler my teacher respect grows…and grows…and grows…


It’s a Desk, It’s a Chair, It’s a 3-D Puzzle!

wooden school deskThe little nerd in me is loving this school desk by Print2D3D. I would have been so excited to get this when I was a kid! My son Keelan is more into cars and mud, but I’m hoping he will grow into the “playing school” thing and enjoy learning as much as I do. I figure a good start is his very own personalized desk with chalkboard top.

The desk arrived with all the pieces flat. I was anticipating struggling with a drill (mostly struggling with finding, then charging up the drill) but hallelujah, everything just slides together! It’s a 3-D desk and chair puzzle! I was impressed that the pieces were constructed from a nice solid wood. No flimsy particle board here. The company specializes in building thoughtfully crafted kids furniture, and it shows. This stuff is built to last.

Desk from Print 2D3D unassembled

My son couldn’t wait to help me put it together so we both grabbed our tools and got to work.

There’s a handy sheet with instructions, but really it’s so easy you can pretty much see how it all goes together.

Everything slides together without much effort, and I used the hammer to secure a few stubborn pieces. They include a little wooden block so you can bang on the pieces without denting the actual desk. Keelan helped make sure everything was well hammered.

toddler hammering

My son was sitting in it seconds after assembly and asking for chalk. You can get the desk with a natural wood finish on top, but I thought the chalkboard option would be more fun. The personalized name is also optional.

toddler sitting at desk

The desk is a great piece for home schooling or just playing. If I could make any improvements, I’d want a lid that lifts up with storage inside. Although that would probably detract from the easy sliding assembly. It does have a little nook under the backside of the desk that’s perfect for storing school supplies and chalk.

KIDS2D3D just recently released the desk and is currently offering a 40% promotion, just follow the link to get it.

Regular price for natural wood top is $137.95 and chalkboard top is $145.95 (free shipping)

And of course right after assembling it, Keelan was already asking to take it apart and put it back together again, which you can actually do! The entire thing disassembles back to flat for easy storage.


Disclaimer: Product was sent free for review, but all opinions are my own. Article also includes Amazon affiliate links.